List of High pH foods

— List of High pH foods —


I‘m not a doctor, so don’t take my words as if they were, or sue me for giving medical advice.

I’ll just witness of my Mom having cancer in her mouth, and the raw Spirulina pH is anywhere between 8-13, which tastes horrible, I don’t think it tastes horrible, but I bought it for my Mom, and she took it and the tumor in her mouth shrunk, till eventually it was hardly noticeable.

It also gave her energy and helped her sleep.


“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” —Otto H. Warburg


With this knowledge the chemo drugs are acidifying your blood, instead alkalizing your blood. I don’t know about medicine, but I think the idiots are in charge of the medical industry.

They knew this in 1920-30s, but went the other route. It’s like swatting at a gnat, to rid the population of gnats… chemo drugs kills everything the bad cells and the good cells, and effects the autoimmune systems too, it weakens it.

In no way is chemo an effective treatment for curing cancer.

The high balance of the blood pH which is a constant, being 7.35 – 7.45, varying very little… if you went to far in the alkaline territory or the acidic territory, it can prove fatal, but you would know it before you died, and it would be better for your mind health too. The neutral pH is 7.4, so you need to be in the slightly alkaline territory with your blood pH… above 7.4.

The cancer tumors are nothing, but fermenting sugars, according to Dr. Otto Warburg.


There is talk of marijuana curing cancer too, but it’s not smoking of it, it’s the endocannabinoids system that exists naturally in the body, that excepts the cannabinoids of the marijuana  plants.

The cure is there, it requires the belief that there is a cure… the cancer industry, says there is no cure, and frowns on everyone that uses the word cure is nothing more than a con man.

I’ve seen the many cures of marijuana being pushed as an alternative treatment for cancer, instead of the chemo drugs.

I’ll get back to high pH foods to cure cancer, or make it hard for tumors to survive the attacks of oxygen cells… that’s my theory and in no way is medical advice.

Here is a list of High pH and acidic foods. There is a constant value to the blood pH varying just a little between 7.35 – 7.45, preferably above 7.4, the base neutral value. Below is acidic, and above is alkaline.




It does a body good to finish a watermelon, cause watermelon is highly alkaline, it refreshes the blood. This is some guy selling goji juice, but he is a oncologist that knows what he is talking, he is a little bias for Goji juice, but Goji is highly alkaline

The pH test for blood, can be tested by saliva, urine, and the most accurate the blood itself.

There are many tonics called quackery, the Hoxsey tonic recipe, and Essiac developed by the natives and the name given by Rene Caisse, it’s Caisse spelled backwards, the both the formulas contain burdock root.

So if you’re fighting cancer, then seek the cure, and pray God stop the devil from misleading you from false hopes. I have a lot of people in my life coming down with cancer… usually the healthy ones with high pH don’t get cancer. Usually those eating unhealthy sodas, alcohol, sugar rich food, and whatever is deemed unhealthy, they develop cancerous tumors, and battles the cancer after the fact that its established in the body.

But high pH of the blood is a preventive measure, it would be better that cancers are not given the home to develop in their fermentation of glucose, and taken away their respiratory functions of the cells. The cells of the body would like to breathe oxygen… from what I understand the more oxygen in the blood is deadly to cancer, and makes them weak and eventually they die.

I’m just dictating, like a dictator… but that’s my understanding of pH and cancer, any extreme is just that an extreme and is not a constant. The body is as mysterious as God, I’ve been trying to understand the body and God all my life, you can get over confident and become complacent in my understandings, and God reveals the more mysterious of  God’s nature with diseases.

What works for one, does not work for others, they want the magic cancer cure pill, but there are many cures, not just one.

I am humbled again, with awe and wonder… that’s my cure. The amazement of learning, it never ends… it’s a pain in the ass, but it means being young and learning forever…it never stops.