The Sad Truth

— The Sad Truth —



I waded in the sea of relationships, and watched all the narcissisms dramatize life into another form, different than me, my own little personalism of narcissism, displayed for the world to see.

I feel sorry for myself, to the point everyone is stepping on me like a rug for an entrance to the house. Maybe that is the wrong comparison, but I feel like it sometimes… Cleaning the dirty boots, before  they make the house dirty.

I like knowledge too, but too much knowledge makes you suffer, it’s inevitable. You can’t change that… all you can do, is adjust to it.   All of us, is a bit narcissistic at times, and it’s in those times, we’re oblivious to that fact. The fact that narcissism is a negative tone to the character of personality, is a fact that you can’t escape.

We all are narcissistic, it’s a fact of life.

We shouldn’t feed the narcissistic beast, or it will dominate your character… but treats are what we celebrate with awards, in vanity, and the character needs awards.

Well, relationships are awards, that we ordain ourselves with too.

It requires two people who think the same, preferably a female and male, at least for me.

No one thinks like me, and at least that’s what I found. There are many, I wish would think like me, but there is always a time where the differences are magnified. We have to desire to commit to overcome those obstacles of various differences, but I digress into my narcissistic shell.

This turtle is tired of life itself… the “rascally rabbits” are having a lot of fun with it.