Ecstasy of Art: Interpretation of Life

Interpretation of Life in the ecstasy of Art

I came across this in the morning, he seems to have a crush on Ernest Becker, I didn’t read him, but he seems wise with these little trips accompanying Jason Silva.

“The artist takes in the world, but instead of being oppressed by it, he reworks it in his own personality and recreates it in the work of art.”
-Ernest Becker

It seems every video he mentions Ernest Becker, I need to read the book.


Ernest Becker, he has a lot of good quotes. I’ve been battling with my ego a lot during my life, the ego is part of me so if I would kill it, but then I have to carry the dead body around with me, cause it’s a part of me. 

The ego is the part of the world too, when one is egocentric it’s all about them, well in truth it is.Egocentric people are a bore, but they enlighten too. It could be compared to a state the US, Russia, China, UK and the like, they are like they are the only ones in the world.

Well, this is my view of the world, it may be lacking with clarity, but it’s the best way I can articulate of it.



I wrestled with my demons, they live in the ego, and are constantly voicing their opinions. They lead me down paths that have been a waste of time, I’m coming awake, and see all the parasites that feed on the populations around the world, while they sleep.

Not to get negative, over abundantly negative, but I need to balance out my talk. We all have to balance out an equilibrium of our lives it gives us solid stand to enact what we want to do. When we are secure in the stance we can do new things without worrying of our lack of knowledge on the subject. I got involved with PCs in the early 80’s, and the Internet came into the picture in 1993, before that it was BBs or private clubs. I remember 14.4k modems to go online, was a waste of time, those days are long behind.


I uploaded more songs to the ego machine, just basically sharing what I’ve done, in the waste of time that I did.
It’s Art, the music is art, as far as I tell myself, the thing is the talent that’s lacking, but from some artists I heard, I’m up there with the best of them.


It’s how you present yourself, and I don’t like being a phony, so I’m raw and true as can be. I like pushing the envelope on effects though, reverb and delay.So with a few friends these are the songs I came up with, each friend had a part in the writing of the song, whether be it the idea, lyrics, music.


They all are pretty talented individuals Lynn Voorhees is the female vocals, keyboard, and guitar, Mike McFee is the percussive talent with the drums, along with Bass guitar, keyboards, and also guitar. Eric Wetmore is the lead guitar talent, he’s my idol…no NOT, but he plays a mean guitar. So I don’t give them credit, as they deserve, but I take it for granted that I don’t have to give them credit, they are my friends.



I hope they stay my friends too.

Well this is the point I want to make, my art is my music or at least the noise I call music. If you think about it all noise is music, it is the expressions of the world, and art is the expressions of feelings without words. Art doesn’t need to explain.

It’s mysterious, and it should be. It is different to everybody, it means one thing to one, and another thing to someone else.