Korg, I always thought they were a German corporation

— Korg, I always thought they were a German corporation —




I always played the keyboards with Korg, after I ditched the Yamaha DX7, cause it didn’t have a sequencer in it. First, there was the M1,and then the T-series, and the last was called the Karma, it’s a part of the T-series, but no longer made, but evolved to the M3.

I went to the Korg, because they made use of the workstation within the keyboard, but I was amazed to learn it was always a Japanese company. I thought they bought it from a German corporation, but I was wrong… for the umpteenth time.

I learned from the Wikipedia page that it was always a Japanese corporation, so my assumptions of the name being a German name, was dead set wrong.


I‘m trying to after 10 years of not turning the keyboard (Karma) on, and having to reacquaint myself to what buttons to push, and the headaches to recall what was once easy to understand. I managed to recall about 20% the stuff to load a sequence that I already had on the floppy. I knew about 20% of what the Karma could do, so 20% of 20% is my total knowledge of, so that would be 2%.

I lost all my math skills in the stroke, so put a page of numbers before me, and I go into space. You figure it out.

I wanted to play a sequence piece, but I’ve made my mind like a sloppy noodle of frustrations. I see a couple of of more weeks as another project I have to learn, just in time for Spring cleaning.

I’m to the point of frustrations depressing me to no ends, which weighs on my mind even more. Giving me more depressive feelings. I know it will pass, as all obstacles do, if you keep up the vigor, but the vigor is fading fast.

I lost what I did, or I lost the disk. I’m so disorganized.


Oh and Korg likes to play April Fools jokes on their consumers, which has lowered them on my decency scale. The Korg Minilogue was supposed to come out April1 (FoolsDay), but Korg said april fools day to all who expected it. Lets say I’m not happy about it.

They like to lock up audio and synthesis in neat little cages… especially synthesis. So till next time, Korg is a Japanese company, and it isn’t a German company, for dummies like me, and anyone else who thinks like me.

That’s the reason for this post, to clear up the corporation’s origin.