Judgment : Conjecture or Fact

— Judgment : Conjecture or Fact —

We are so quick to judge by conjecture, the incomplete facts that we are fed by the mainstream media. It happens with the polls every election day, we get statistics that are supposed to be assumed conclusions by the pollsters.


This is on the Diebold machines that hackers set in a virus to change the votes, it’s an old video


It is addressing voter fraud, there are many other ways to view voter fraud, such as voting twice, and voting from the nursing homes, illegal aliens, but this is covering the counting of the vote.

This is by false conjecture, and not fact… credibility is the key in any vote.

DieBold is said deebold, but the way it’s spelled is more like it.

The purpose of this was attempting to connect emotions with judgment, through conjecture; and it turned into this…it’s based on incomplete or false facts. So we guess on the small facts that we gain, whether they are true or not.

We know that our elections are bought with the corporation’s money. They buy the candidate, and we buy the products that they sell, but we don’t put our candidates up for sale, or do we?

This was taking another course once I started writing, because I wanted to tie emotions with judgment, as the missing link in solving the problems I had defining emotions, but once I started writing…I went into this spiel… so I followed where my mind goes.


Polls are nothing, but conjecture claiming a credibility, on the ones polled that could change in the next town over.

So I can see them valuable in predicting the outcome for the undecided, in this case with most of the voters in the US.


We vote on conjecture instead of the facts, we don’t even know the facts, we are relying on the politician’s word or the medias conjectures that they pass off as facts, they don’t say they are conjectures, which 50%-100% is a lie. It’s been proven, since I was born, and every election is filled with empty campaign promises that turn out to be lies.

They might be good people, but their mouths are vipers to get the vote. You don’t see the snake’s head till after they’ve been in office for a few years. Those campaign promises gets a backdoor exit from the public’s memory.

I’ll just deal with Obama, but the same thing went on with all Presidents, no matter what their party… I’ll just touch upon Obama’s legacy promises. The US Debt has surpassed $18 trillion, this last month… it doesn’t do justice to the statement that a “1 term proposition” to someone that promised to cut the debt in half by the end of his 1st term…and instead multiplied it.

I just sat through the rhetoric in the State of the Union speech, he made up more lies and didn’t address the lies that he passed, or the executive orders that by passed congress. It’s been that way with every presidency since I was born, I hate getting political it makes me feel unimportant, which isn’t good for my self esteem.

I had to shut if off for about 15 minutes, so I was so sick of the rhetoric blaming the people for his failures, I’ve heard it all before by the lame ducks that promise change, but the changes only get worse, and give more powers to the banks and they get more powerful to start more wars, through lies, and rhetoric covering their tracks for starting trouble, cause they fund both sides of the wars, they always profit for our spilled blood.

I get angry which anyone who knows me, knows I break down… and when I break down, who knows what I’ll do, even I don’t know… but I assure you, I won’t do harm to anyone, but myself.

That is why I’m not a politician, they make policies that envelope a whole society, and cause harm from their failed policies on the populations of the world.



Every election is based on conjecture instead of reality, no matter the party. You claim to be Democrat or Republican, then you claim to be aligned with the liar’s and thieve’s ideologies to pacify your hopes, and hope you forget with the little trinkets they supply you with, while they steal your resources and freedoms. It’s a wonder that you have any merit at all, to think the vote will change anything, when they’re all bought. The day of the independent candidate is over, since the turn of the century, they’ve been bought and sold by the money makers.

It’s a complicated issue the running of a country of over 320 million people, I wouldn’t want the job, but I’m beginning to think that I wouldn’t do a worst job.

I don’t understand the complexities in running the country or the transparency/secrecy involved.

If I was running the country their wouldn’t be a national security question, I would open the borders and make the US humble, which would probably turn us on ourselves.

So don’t make me President…cause I would be your worst nightmare. I would make you freer than free, which I learned will be your destruction. There will be no checks on Govt or the people, it will be utter chaos.

These are promises to break, I’m sure I won’t disappoint you.

That is a fact, I’ll make promises to break…the change is, I’ll be telling the truth.

Well, I don’t want the job, I’d have to be crazy to want to govern 320+ million peoples lives, I can’t even govern my own life, but I watched this govt for over 57 years, dig deeper into fascism that tries to program their products through the brainwashing techniques in commercials, that they force feed into our minds, and we seem to be subjective in a passive mood, which is the mood of acceptability.

I think the FCC should put a law on the entertainment industry that their marketing depts are to serve the people, not program the people with forced commercial breaks. They should setup up a database that the public could search listing their products and services, so we could look for them on our own time, and take away the tubes for our force feeding.


 It takes a lot of broken promises to break this camel’s back. So I want to go on with this message intact, cause I relish every word in the songs above.

Which gives you the witness of the wars going on in this soul, cause they have conflicting views, one radical extremist, and one rational and level headed, one religious and one scientific …

I get along with myself with this conundrum going on in my mind, why doesn’t the world?