Tomidjah’s Rant #9- The Human Condition

— The Human Condition —


biology-220005_640The human condition of everyone alive is like a Petri dish filled with every bacteria, the bacteria is compared to each human individual, and each individual is a product of their cultures, which is ironic that we exist in a Petri dish, cause we use cultures to grow in a Petri dish.

To get back to the Petri dish analogy, mankind is in a Petri dish called Earth, and all the bacterias form nations that like war, and setup banks/networks that fund both sides of the wars. This is not to take sides, that I say this, or not to take sides in your understanding of my words with your thoughts, I want to enlighten you… not to set you off on a paranoid quest.

I want to raise the rationality in the souls of the world, to bring some order to the world of chaos.

It’s definitely not working from the eons of statehood, the corruptions in the state is the problem and wears down the machine of the state. You can cover it with lubricants, but it’s still there and it wears down the force.

Things need to change, I don’t know what it is, but it must be removed, if we are to sustain a smooth running system.

We have different languages, politics, religions, money, etc, that makeup our cultures, and we should work on making them as pure as we can, no corruption to dirty the purity… including the clean up teams being corrupt with dictating. You can’t make something pure with a dirty tool.

This is the youtube page of the Renegade Economist

Age is another condition that we must look into, besides the cultures, anyone who is over 50’s takes more time to do things, then when he was in his 20’s, at least by my experience. I can only imagine what it’s like for someone in their 70’s and 80’s, I hear from my parent’s what it’s like, the mind retreats to safety with their wisdom, I love them dearly, but I can’t imagine what it’s like. I can’t get my mind around it, I imagine I’ll understand it when I get there.

Sexuality plays a piece of the human condition too, there are many aspects to the sexuality of mankind

 Sexuality may be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways, including through thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles and relationships,[2] which may manifest by way of biological, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects.

There are many forms of sexuality besides heterosexuality, I’m not condoning them or condemning them, they’re just not me. So don’t force your sexuality on me too, I don’t care, and when you try and convince me otherwise, I see it as digging a deeper hole for you to get out of, cause once I see your shovels/words professing your sexuality preference, STOP… I won’t talk about my attraction to large breasted women to you, either.

Politics is the wrestling with the spirit of mankind/humanity, it covers a lot of cursing and lying in my eyes. There are many politicians/wrestlers that go into the elections/rings for the matches that are displayed on the worldly scene.

They compliment one another when the match is over, but during the campaign there are a lot of backstabbing and dirty politics, it’s been that way since I’ve been alive, it’s gotten nasty over a few last decades… but I digress.

There is religious theological ideologies that are many, and some are extreme and violent, much like a state that looks to invade a country, and forms the groups that are rebellious to their invasions. No one likes to be invaded and dealt with so unfairly, imagine if it happened to us…would we become the terrorists, the insurgency.

You need to question that, and come up with an answer that doesn’t make you look like a fool.

I believe in the religions have the right to be between you and God. The fellowship in brotherhood is good too, but not as a measuring stick for status. If someone stayed home and communed with God on his own time, it doesn’t mean that the fellowship is bad, well it is, if it judges the individual who missed the meeting.

I personally am religious, but my God is not your God, and shouldn’t be imposed on you. My religion is the most personal and sacred to me and me alone, aspects of it is included with other religions, since I’m a christian, though I do not honor/believe in your version of the Christ, if it’s militant, cause that is the definition of terrorists.

I see God the father, as having many mansions in the universe, I parallel mansions with solar systems/planets, as Jesus said in John 14. That’s my interpretation, you may have your different and unique interpretation too.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”


Jesus is coming back, I believe he’s coming back to rebuild what we’ve destroyed, or in a rapture to leave to build a new world, the thought of 144,000 being chosen. I would like to be in that number.

The world will be destroyed, it’s inevitable, cause we are hell bent on saving it. It will happen through AI, is my guess. Where machines are in control of our destinies, it starts out as making our life better, but when machines screw up, our lives become unmanageable. Think about it, imagine that there were no calculators, and you had to deal with math problems again, you’d be lost. It might take generations to get back to where we are today.

Where mankind is subservient to machines, not on the scale of the “Terminator” movie, that is just terror at the max, but we’re addicted to their making life easier, that we atrophied in our mental and physical abilities to raise a ruckus about the situation, and are passive to the dictations of society’s majorities.

That might be a bit extreme in my views, but I want to view the extremes to be on guard against them, it seems society is already passive to think that they elect a new president, there will be change. The only change I’ve seen is getting closer to destroying the world.

We take another piece of mother nature to sell for profit, like the prophets of old times, the profits have warnings too.

There is the good profit, and the bad profits, and we’re favoring the bad profits.

Did you ever think that all the oil we take is the lubricants for the continental plates, and it rises the earthquakes effects it is because we rub dry plates together. I thought of that in the the late 70’s or early 80’s, when we were on a high, and no one wanted to hear it, but it never left my mind.

With the fracking boom now earthquakes appear where they never appeared before, or were rarely occurring.

Think about the rape of the land and we drain all the resources, and leave an empty shell in the wake of our desires, what do we do then. Go somewhere else in the universe to do the same thing to another planet. I don’t think so, I pray God doesn’t permit it.

My God is a collective of heavenly beings. Some good and some bad, but they work together for our good. That’s my hope…if they are a reflection of our human condition, with the wars and corruptions in our society today, then there is no hope, but I like to hope rather than live in despair, so I’ll go on believing.

This video is close to my views of the human condition, as far as a religious view of it. Christianity is a spiritual view and materialistic view, that gets hung up on dogmas and traditions, but it’s close to my view… but I get hung up by my imaginations and delusions.

I want to share another scripture at this time too. It brings it into more focus at the end of this video.

Isaiah 45:7 – “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

This is the youtube page of the Colson Center


Languages are many around the world, there are some languages that have under 1000 people that speak them, and over a billion speaking one language Mandarin Chinese. The diversity in languages is what separates our species, it makes us foreign to other cultures, it separates others, except we find our commonality through the internet.

We express our feelings through the internet, so it fills the brain of the internet with our humanity. This is my theory, that AI is studying us through the internet, we have warnings of the AI through letters of scientists and technology leaders, that talk of the danger from AI(artificial intelligence). I think Skynet is already in the making with Google and their buying up companies that deal with AI

We also have the fear factor in the human condition, it drains your physical energy through stress, and offsets you and your balance. Not the physical balance, more the mental balance and puts you into an emotional roll down the hill of society.

It has a tendency to drain your vigor physically, and mentally, where you are drained to nothing out of fear coming over the airwaves through the media on TV or the radio.

If they setup a false flag event, it makes us go to wars blaming other nations or religions, the amount of emotions is the driving force in the actions, no matter how blind they are. It brings to mind the blind leading the blind where one goes into the ditch and the other follows.

They are ripe for social engineering, to claim it as a conspiracy is living in deniability, cause it goes on daily, and has been going since I was born, only claiming the digital domain in the last several decades with the rise of the internet in the 90’s, and before that with BBS in the 80’s, there was a mainframe in the 70’s that had a “public bulletin board system was Community Memory”.

The fears that another crash/bubble break is coming on the economic bandwagon, in the EU, Switzerland made the move just recently to go back from capping the Euro against the Swiss Franc, which set the EU in turmoil. The Euro is almost equal to the dollar in value. Which isn’t saying much, cause the crash into recession/depression in the last few years is fresh in our minds with the real estate/mortgage bursting bubble in 2008.

It looks like the same thing is taking place, where money takes on the focus point of the populations around the world. People eat money for survival, as if it had nutrition. It does for the greedy, but we aspire to not be greedy. It’s part of the human nature/condition.

We have a diet of money, and it feeds the fat of the population, it doesn’t necessarily create muscle, it creates fat. You can turn the fat into muscle, but that requires a workout, and we make money, cause we enjoy its taste with little work.

I do a lot of mental work, which everyone is just the opposite, they think physical work is all there is, but to those who have a desk job, knows that mental work is just as draining as physical work. I know I’m tired and drained each night writing this blog.

It was fun and enlightening before I was infested with spammers,sploggers, and any marketeer that took up the gauntlet that I laid down, after they invaded my space on the internet. They invaded others too, with a pointless quest…to feast at the table of money, maybe because it rhymes with honey, they think it tastes sweet.

They sow bitterness with every invasion on individual privacy, it’s bad enough with the NSA doing it too.

Is that the world we want? Everyone looking out for themselves, to get as much out of this world, that they can, without giving back.

It’s a depressing outlook of the human condition… I hope I have a better ending than Alan(Blind Owl) Wilson, this was one of his last performances, and he’s singing of the “human condition”… depression is another danger of human condition…

The next song is one I found on the Human Condition by Drew Gasparini, it has a positive outlook, and left me with a good feeling.