Joe Rogan Experience – Bob Lazar Interview

Aired Jun 20, 2019

“Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location.

Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.
Watch the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” now streaming on Netflix.”


Area 51, had worked at S-4, which is sub part of Area 51, there were a lot of sub parts of Area 51.
Bob Lazar claimed anonymously called “Dennis”, that Area 51 was doing Top Secret Alien technology experiments… there’s supposed to be a gravitational machine, there was no wires… and Bob said there was no way he could touch it… gravity emitters reactors… it sounded above my head.

I liked Physics in High School, but this was over my head… and confusing to say the least.  I saw the UFO hovering over the reservoir water in Upstate NY, in 1973.
I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately… with the video data on Youtube I’ve seen recently.

It was last week 7/24/22, there was a fleet coming in from space.

They still don’t share this…you have to go to Youtube to see it.


So there is something going to happen, this was filmed from the ISS  on 7/22/22.

A rare find that makes us think about the fact that we are not being told and hiding a lot. Recently, more and more evidence appears that we are not alone in the universe. This video is one of them, which is in the public domain in the archives from the ISS camera.”  — Translated from Russian by Google

This is recent news of UFOs/UAPs that we find recently… it’s coming… are we ready.

This is what made my life, as it is today… Alien Tech is what is amazing.
The UFO was only an experience to me, but the tech makes it real to me… and awed by silence…

I‘ve hidden what I saw, before I joined the US Air Force, where I became Suicidal, and met God 3 weeks before my accident, after watching The Other Side of The Mountain.

I was talking to God, who I didn’t believe in anymore… so I didn’t honor God, the way God required.
I said “don’t make me drive“, I will take it as a sign that you are real… then I woke up in the hospital 3 weeks later… with a broken back.
God hasn’t came back yet, and told me to walk again, but that’s my fault, I said “if you’re real, then I’ll wait till I die.”.

I say some stupid things at times of hopelessness… and get trapped into the honor of keeping my word.
I regret that saying… I’ll wait forever… forever is a long time.
I regret saying “Forever” to God… God only knew the length of forever.

You look throughout history, and you see our progression with technology, and are amazed by things being digital/virtual and the tech of virtual existence, it seems all, so foreign to our understandings of our technical experiences… which would marvel you, like I was by the UFO, when I witnessed it hovering over the reservoir in 1973… from that point, in my life… it was all downhill in a cart with no braking ability.

Something is happening… when is the question?

Mark 13:32 says,
“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

I have a Catholic education, so excuse the religious references… my understandings were Catholic in the beginning, but now mixed with reality and tech, it has changed my understandings of the Universe altogether… I’m still growing up, and maturing… which is what youth, is made up with… Forever is eternal… almost infinitely.