Eagle Eye Reviews of Songs: Letdown, Broken, War Is Love

Coddington explains.
“I write music not only as therapy for myself, but for others who feel they are spread too thin,
falling short or just not good enough.”

Another Fellow Therapist Songwriter, Blake Coddington and he plays the song “Letdown” by the Band Letdown…  the truth of his experiences and blues… it makes it easier to understand all the trials that I go through, when I see tall stairs, that I can’t climb, cause I’m in a wheelchair, or the many other virtual/digital errors, that makes me feel THIN.
Instead of Pisser, I’m replacing it with thinner… thanks Blake.



The next song is by Noelle Johnson and called “Broken”.
I’ll be including 3 songs reviews, I’ll try to do it daily, instead of separate posts for each song.

This song touched my heart, cause it did… my past is filled with heartaches, those I caused, and those I felt from others… so it touched my heart in both ways.

She’s a good songwriter, and she shouldn’t give up… make up some more songs Noelle.



This next song is “War is Love” by Bobby Andonov.
I had reservations about adding this to the reviews of songs, because of the lyrics, but after thinking about them… they made sense.

“Cause Love is War, and War is Love” was the line I tried to figure out, and I may be wrong, but I interpreted it as, you go to war to defend those you love, and you love those you argue/war with.
What other time waster, could he have meant?
I may be wrong… but that’s my 2 cents.

War is Love