Israel is not the Only victim in the world.

We all are victims of the sins of mankind, misunderstandings give rise to violence, as well as arrogance gives rise to anger.

We all know what anger does, it’s uncontrollable. The reflections of anger, we regret and are sorry, but when we are angry, we are uncontrollable, and we never know what we do.

It’s the nature of mankind, the human condition. We seek to control our emotions, and that is the twelve thrones that Jesus instructed the people to overcome our feelings inside, I think it was our emotions that confused us.

We have five senses that govern our flesh, no one agrees on the emotion list, so anywhere between 5-9 emotions. He talked about 12 thrones and he that overcame would sit on the 12 thrones, and judge the 12 tribes of Israel. Which is global now, the real Jews don’t live in Israel.

Israel is like a prison, they stole the land for political power, and they have built the walls to mark their territory, much like Hitler did.

Instead of building bridges they build walls.

Rather than misjudgment and giving away their fears to violence, please just try and understand the other person, they have their own problems too.

That’s why I choose to live in the country, less people to fuck things up socially. I was born in Brooklyn till I was 14, so I know the city life, but we moved upstate NY in the Catskills mountains, and that was the best move of my life.
It made me realize the importance of culture in our lives, it was a culture shock for me, they were always making fun of my accent, we spoke the same language, but we said it differently.

The stuff going on in Israel now with the killing of the two teens, you can see one teen wearing an extremist flag like a cape, he was shot in the back, but the other teen was walking like he was minding his own business and was shot through the heart in the chest. The IDF spokesperson said that security forces did not shoot him, whether it was security forces or a sniper in the woods or on a porch, it was hired by the extremists in Israel. They are not free from their sins either.

I want peace first, but they must want peace too, if it is ever going to happen. Like an alcoholic must choose to stop drinking himself, otherwise you argue to denial and denial, and nothing gets done, till he/she realizes the sickness in themselves.
It’s been going on for 10,000 years this warring between nations, when will it stop? Do we have to destroy ourselves first, so that we will know the way to stop through love and cooperation, and working together towards a better future.