Israel and Gaza

Israel and The Gaza Strip

israel-159602_150It’s like dynamite to counteract fireworks. Hamas and the Israeli military, the peddlers of death, running our fears… they need to fear the public they taunt with their violence.

Like the politicians need to fear the the lies, before they speak it, so should people fear the act before the murder.

War has always been my enemy, but I fight it with ignorance, it’s much better than a weapon of war. I use my mouth as a weapon, of course it’s always with an angry voice, which does nothing but make my health worse, and does nothing to bring peace.

They both recognize God, but they don’t ask God what God wants…they obviously don’t remember God’s commandments that he gave to Moses on the mountaintop, it said do not kill, and they both have broken that commandment over and over again.

Every War that has been started only the banks get rich while the poor people die, the weapons of war cost big bucks.

Humanity suffers for the luxuries of a few, there is a word for that, but I don’t know what it is, without seeking “oligarchy” comes to mind…there is another word I’m just to lazy and indifferent.
I’m without energy anymore. The world is coming unraveled, with “violence” as the voice who cries in the wilderness.

Israel sees themselves as God’s chosen, and the Palestinian’s see them as the illegitimate seed of Abraham, in other word’s your bastard brothers and sisters, but they are your flesh relatives. It’s a family feud taking the world down with it.

Hamas is ruthless as the worst terrorist, and Israel is the worst military being compared to Nazi tactics, so I don’t take sides. I wish them well in hell, just don’t bring it up here on earth.

This story is the current news

and this story is Israel looking to invade with ground forces, it shouldn’t be hard they already occupy it. It means they are just bringing in more tanks.

May we spared in mercy from the terror, of the constant bickering from the fools that want power and land.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix


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