Dumbphones and Smartpeople

Dumbphones and Smartpeople

 Smart phones and Dumb people, how about the other way around? Dumbphones and Smartpeople is the proper way to look at things.

You call someone on their smartphone, and you feel dumb, but they are becoming dumb. Like a junkie they need a smartphone to be intelligent with access to Google, they don’t retain the knowledge so they are dumb. Their ego is swift to take credit for the knowledge, but they don’t retain it.

Which is a sign of dumbness, this commercial is what I’m talking about.

This video is displaying the dumbness of mankind as a comical piece, but the nature of the piece is so real life. It sets up the next step in the demise of humanity.

I sound so negative, and doomsday prepping, but I see it as a warning to the dumbpeople made that way by the smartphones.

You have an app that makes it a smartphone, dumbphones don’t. They text, but the apps make it a smartphone. The old landlines don’t text, which make them dinosaur phones. No matter what phone you have, the theory of knowing all about something as your phone, doesn’t make you smart or dumb. It makes you confused into buying, and consuming your intelligence into ignorance. Ignorance is a choice, and the ignorance makes you dumb, and you choose it, cause it’s easy.

Also all you personal info is in there, where you load all your personal info into the neat apps, to organize your life, but as you load your intelligence into the phone, when it gets stolen or lost it has an effect on your real intelligence.  In the core of your being, you get flustered with realizing that your life was stolen, but it wasn’t, only your phone was stolen.
With the rise of stolen phones in the urban areas of the country, I’m glad I’m living in the boonies. I guess I could get a smartphone and be locked into it like so many of my friends, but I’m happy with my flip phone, it texts when I need it.
I don’t need a smartphone, I’m already sick of technology, it already stepped over the boundaries we set for it about 20 years ago. We are headed towards the brick wall of ignorance and we hit it,  I see chaos taking control, when you have dumb people thinking they are smart, cause they have a smartphone, all hell breaks loose.

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest in this rant, now it’s in your intellect and you can discuss it with your friends.

Just because there is an app for it, it’s not an extension of your intelligence, so don’t be fooled into believing you’re smarter than you are.

Google is not you, google is a computer search engine, and google is a machine. It’s not human and is run by algorithms, it’s true humans built it, but it’s not a human.
But it studies humans…