We all Die

The Death Sentence of Justice

flower-316437_640We are born to die… we are born to a death sentence.

Look at what man kills, and we wonder why.

We kill our neighbors and we kill the animals that are our companions on this planet.
We even kill our planet, and steal the resources for money and power, fiat money is not worth anything, it’s like monopoly money.
It’s worth the paper its printed on, if even that.

We believe it gives us power, and we magnify its importance in our lives. If there wasn’t any money to guide our lives, then it would be a mess.

Like a junkie looking for his next fix, you don’t know what to feel, but there is an underlying pain that we feel.
Confusion is a the core, an emptiness that doesn’t give any reason to understand.
We all die in the end, so it doesn’t seem worth it to seek out the truth.

I think I’d like to be free to seek the truth about God, cause the great scientists believed in God,…God is unexplainable.
God does exist, and I want to find that ever elusive God and lodge a complaint, you set a people here, and they say they are your chosen, but they are not your chosen. They are filled with pride, and you say pride is a sin, one of the great sins.
You cause so much confusion in the world, and you say, you love us, and you teach there is no confusion in love.
These people kill their neighbors and seem like a paranoid schizophrenic, thinking they started it. Their fears started it, but they’re blinded by pride, and don’t see it.

They’re forgetting they are going to die too, and they’re making enemies for their afterlife…if their is one.
I’d rather hope there is one.
I choose the way I believe in you, and seek not to make another religion claiming another set of traditions or regulations to distort the meaning of you, and your message.

If when I meet you, I am dead already, and you say I’m out of it now, there is no need to worry about it now, like a kid that got off of a thrill ride using Bill Hicks analogy, and feel I’ve been a big cry baby all along.
Is there a conscience life after death, with memories of the life that we just left?

Well watching this video for the hundredth time, it is so refreshing, and it never gets old.
All right it get’s old, but it talks of such truth, and in no way there is no rebuking it.
If we didn’t worry about the money and power, then we wouldn’t suffer.
At least I like to hope so.

Another person made a video of overcoming the fear of death, inspired me to write this rant, cause that’s all it is … a rant.
I feel better after it, and cause those who read it to question their own existence. Ponder the mysteries of life before you die.
It’s a rant, is all it is, like Bill Hicks “it’s just a ride”
I’m just one of the scenes of the ride, and I bring visions to your imagination to those who read it and think.

Now the inspiration for this rant, and the terror being displayed on the world in religious fervor with a touch of paranoid schizos placing judgement through fears. Chopping heads off and robbing lands and houses, wake up people!
You go to your maker eventually someday, and you want not to be ashamed of this life.

I welcome death, it’s a progression through life, a next step…though I walk through the “valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”.
Though I’d like to not fear evil while I’m alive too.