Blight – Gardening update

Blight Update

I pruned all the dead blight plants and put them in plastic garbage bags, and getting ready to throw them out, but once a plant develops blight, it’s a goner.

blight02I spoke too soon, there is a cure for powdery mildew and certain blights…it’s called Greencure is a potassium bicarbonate based fungicide, that’s supposed to cure over time powdery mildew and other blights.

I wish I had time to figure out blight, since this is my first year at gardening in a greenhouse, I’ve had to learn about blights fungal diseases, beneficial insects, all the organic stuff type of pesticides.

All within the last couple of weeks, and on top of that I have family visitors, the cabinets came for the new house I’m having remodeled , and I need to go mow down the lawn which I blew off for the last month in my laziness.

I got a fresh new batch of ladybugs, and I found fresh new larvae of ladybugs from the last batch I let go in the greenhouse. The larvae live off the aphids, but I’m wondering if the ladybugs will eat the larvae instead of the aphids.

Well, I did a search of letting go of the new lady bugs if they would eat the new larvae, and I found this:

9. Ladybugs practice cannibalism.
If food is scarce, ladybugs will do what they must to survive, even if it means eating each other. A hungry ladybug will make a meal of any soft-bodied sibling it encounters. Newly emerged adults or recently molted larvae are soft enough for the average ladybug to chew. Eggs or pupae also provide protein to a ladybug that has run out of aphids.

So I think I will keep them in the refrigerator for another week, shit.
Planning is the best medicine.
So Now I know, you learn from your mistakes.



I’ve been Greencure, it for a few days now, and the blight kept coming back, but I needed to spray everywhere there was blight. The stem of the plant I noticed there was blight there too. Once I did that it slowed down the blight on the leaves, it’s not a cure all spray for disease, it requires everyday spraying. It’s an improvement though.