Different Realities

— Different Realities —


The thought of everyone alive living in different realities, seems so real, when you look at every politician alive today. They all talk of different views of the same thing.

With these views, it’s a wonder, why we ain’t extinct.



And this following video of Trump, isn’t much worse than that, it’s blaming other republicans for not dropping out of the race, because he’s low in the polls, or high in the polls in his eyes. Polls are selective and lacking in truth, but cause they are referenced everyday, they influence the dumb who can’t make up their mind which way to go.




I start to wonder when people like these are high in the polls, it doesn’t show much hope in the human race. He flips flops and blames you for blaming him, “you must be mistaken”, I didn’t say that.

His book The Art of the Deal , is a deal for assholes. I didn’t read it, so I don’t know if it’s for assholes or not, but it’s something the Donald would say. Stupid people running our country, and he wants the stupid throne, that is more stupid than the stupidest idea ever thought of.

Here’s what I think of the Trump.


I love you too, Donald .


The thought of America being great again, seems promising… but we need a new model of greatness, rather than the old model of the left and right paradigm. Maybe that’s what the American people could understand, keep it simple Stupid… Donald’s KISS to the American public.

Well whatever is America’s future, let’s give the Democrats the break from the race, and stick to sanity, if we ever hope to bring the world to their future. All this flipflopping from left to right, is only making our progress seem like a crooked line.

I want a new party. No, not a party at all, someone who makes a stand for what’s right, and is able to confess his/her wrongs and be accountable, instead of the art of deniability, which seems to be the Donald’s way.


Ben Carson is making the way, my sister’s choice, but I don’t side with him, cause he voiced support with the war machine. There is so much to think about this election day, that’s just past, we’re one year away from the end of Obama.

I don’t know if I’ll vote again, cause I’ve become so disillusioned with the whole process of the elections. It seems the corporations select the candidates, and present them as a puppets on strings, that they parade before your eyes every four years. We only see what they want you to see, and all the dark stuff is hidden behind the lies.

Remember, Obama was going to half the debt by his second term, but by the second term, he tripled it, and onto quadrupling it. I’ll never believe the campaign promises again, it’s all lies, it sounds good, but it’s lies in the end.

So I’ll go back to not voting, forced by my indifference of attempting to make a difference, but failing, and cursing the they must be sour grapes anyway.

Anyway, we have a year left to seek a new president… all these debates and pollings, seem like a waste of time, they’re all speculations, not the truth…

Who do they question in the polls, a lot of “stupid people” who answer the landline phones?