“America needs a Perestroika”

— “America needs a Perestroika” —


Perestroika  means “restructuring”, I called for the wall to come down in Berlin at 1984, and it come down a few years later… I called for the end of the Cold War, and the end of the Soviet Union as we knew it fell down, and became more open.

I could become so delusional that it became by my thoughts, or the reality of all the people made it so. The world, is it’s own people, living many different cultures and languages, but we are one world, at least we share that one world.

Many different nations seek to rule the world in an empire of one mind, but that one mind/world is nothing but a schizo arguing with himself/herself, and that credibility goes with the schizo and their arguments.

We need a restructuring to say the least, a reform is more like it, we need a pruning so that things that didn’t grow right and developed tumors, be cutoff so that new growth is formed.

I’m delving into gardener lingo, cause I speak to gardeners called politicians. Gorbachev is saying the right words, but we don’t listen to them, he has his pride that will blind them too, so it’s true that our patriotism is like the blinders on a horse in a parade, we don’t see the distractions.

We wear our pride like blinders to block out all the negativity that will make our efforts futile, in other words, it’s the flaws of mankind with free choice and free will, where we are bound to fail or succeed.

We succeed and have carry a heavy ego, that we can not fail, but that’s not the case.  We succeed as long as we see our wrongs and prepare for the circumstances as they occur, not get so speculative and assumptive that we get pretentious, that is the sign of the fall, where you go out on the limb of a very weak tree… we are already like Jabba the Hutt, it won’t hold our weight.

I found this video very informative, where the differences between east and west is like a schizoid arguing with themselves. We are one world with many faces, languages, and cultures, but there is only one world that we share.

The key word is SHARE… no one owns it, but everyone wants to rule it… which brings up another song title, but that was for a time in the 80’s, the song needs restructuring too.



Whichever version you choose, I choose the minstrel’s version The Lyrical