Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones

— Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones —





I had a flipPhone, then I bought a smartphone, and felt dumb, and I usually called people unaware of how to hang it up. The FlipPhone all I had to do was close it, and it was hung up. People just said push a red button, well what if the red button wasn’t there?

I went back to the flipphone, and retired my Android smartphone, and lost my number with the tracfone site. It was a stressful Christmas…and more snow came down today.

I saw this Louis C.K. on Conan clip, and he talked of hating cell phones, and wanted to deny his children from getting them, I would 100% agree with him. I like them, cause the payphones are a rare case nowadays, and I’m in a wheelchair, and having to get out of the car to make a phone call is a bit of a chore.



I just use it for the phone, to communicate the message I’m trying to send. I would much rather talk to someone, and not go through many menus where you have to push a number to get to the next page/menu. Louis C.K. is right, it disconnects you from living your life.

The sadness is relinquished by the happiness of your life, but you don’t experience that high when you’re plugged in to the zombie machine. Grant it there are many good things with Iphones/Smartphones, but not when they take over your life and disconnect you from the world.

I don’t communicate with anyone, this blog is what I communicate with the world. I’m thinking of making videos to load up to youtube, and become a youtube personality, but maybe that’s an ego trip.

Well, we’ll see. I hope you had a very merry Christmas, and wait for the New Years with anticipations of goodness, and NOT terror.

Good Times ahead!