Ex Hostage of Hamas

She sounds Real,
and tells the Truth.

It’s a mess in the Middle East, and religions is at the center of the mess, and revolves with political ideologies, masking the real problem… egos gone wild.

You know Hamas is a terrorist organization, but so is the IDF, they have kids(conscripted) into it, that aren’t in their right minds yet, and old timers that have a slanted view of humanity teaching them.
And drafted early Israeli paramilitary terrorists into it.

“… namely Haganah, the Irgun, and Lehi.”

The King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist act, before Israeli statehood became a nation, and was committed by Irgun. So they joined the IDF in 1948, and we know what Ideologies does to your mind with the sins of pride and power… it makes you paranoid, and builds walls to make their power known.

IDF is a terrorist organization, though some might not agree, their occupation inflamed Hamas for 75 years, well not Hamas per se, but they’ve been the PLO under Arafat in 1964… they only changed there name, but the Arab ideology is still the same… intimidation rules their minds.

I woke to seeing this witness of the hostage experience first thing this morning, but she was sort of anti-zionist in her political views, and spoke the reality of what she saw, and experienced… it wasn’t propaganda. I can see the goodness in Jews too, but I can see the sinful side too… and it is in the propaganda, that they wear as a veil to cover their asses.

I’m reaching that point, of propaganda passing, so I better stop typing now… or I’ll prove myself a liar.

Everyone can make mistakes, and cause errors in the human code… humanity needs forgiveness to go on, and stay on course, which was Jesus’ main message mercy and non judgmental actions, and also truth telling…etc. … before I go into a sermon and rant what’s on my heart… I would like to leave you with God to talk to you and teach you, that is if you hear the Spirit, and know how to pray/converse/talk with the spirits, and test them to discern from the demons, that live in the spirit too.

The holy comforter, “he shall teach you ALL things”… Jesus said that before he was crucified to his disciples/fans/followers. It’s like the minds of today, 2000+ years ago… they talked weird… and were different from the beings we are now, only a different culture, and belief systems… where ideologies are on the table competing for your minds in the games of life… or a river of life with different entertainment places on the shores.

Oh, I’m babbling on… babble babble on.