Hydrogen Powered Corvette

— Hydrogen Powered Corvette —


Bob Lazar is annoyed by people doubting him, and distorting the facts with their assumptions. He has other things to do.


I find him credible, but that’s me and my point of view. I voted for Obama in the first term of office.  So don’t take my character, as knowing any person’s character, I voted for Ron Paul in 2012 as a write in.

Also, I find the video credible as he explained filling the tanks with hydrogen in Hydride, and he wanted it on the outside of the interior of the vehicle like a gas tank.

I’m thinking of converting my van to water, cause water is free. I need to find a converter for my car, so that I need to fill it up, and leave it over night and have a full tank in the morning.



UFO, Area 51, and Bob Lazar

I was impressed to say the least. In the next video, it was mainly UFO at the Area 51 by Bob Lazar.



You can make up your own mind about him. I see him as a person that is credible, no matter where he got his education from. He seems pretty knowledgeable to me.

I wish it was that easy. I’m a dreamer.