Tomidjah’s Rant #1

— Tomidjah’s Rant #1 —

 The technological singularity is what I want to talk about, is like a machine falling from the highest peak in the world, and the speed is governed by gravity.  Do you ever think of that?

Moore’s Law in the making, from what I see of it, exponential advancement is like a rock falling from the highest peak on earth, we better start looking to fly before we hit the ground.

The singularity is mysterious as God is mysterious, and our ignorance of God is bringing many con-men, charlatans, and false prophets to capitalize on our ignorance with false ideas to give them power. They don’t realize they’re as ignorant of the God they praise, with Allah Akbar, or praise Jesus, and they do evil while they praise.

I’m going off on a religious tangent, but I wanted to point out that the singularity is another form of religion in our minds, and could be the new course of religious mishaps.


The speed increases exponentially instead of steps, using Federico Pistono’s illustration it takes 30 steps to the end of the stage, but if you equaled it in exponential steps you would go to the moon and back and would be able to walk around the earth eight times.

I find this explanation is one to make you think, of the future of mankind’s society. Do we go faster than we can handle? Is it a race car driver that will die in a fiery crash?

I question these scenarios as I study singularity, there are many theories of singularity that I will never understand, cause there is so much to the singularity that I can’t even imagine.


 Is Ray Kurzweil  the False prophet, or is he the new Genius that will rival Einstein? That is left to you to make up your mind, but I see him as a shaky person, like all of us are.

He is capable of error too, he’s like a kid, a dreamer always looking on the horizon, but never looking at the end of his nose.

I know I need to look at the end of my nose too, too much dreaming is a dangerous existence also.

I found two other documentaries on the singularity, one is a dreamer who has big ego and not a big ego, but he mentioned our religious belief talking with the guilt of the psyche. Our psyche asking God for forgiveness, but it’s us who have to forgive ourselves. God tells you he forgives you, but we ourselves, don’t forgive ourselves.

It’s a cagey situation, it’s one you’re unsure of.

There are two Ben Goertzel and Hugo DeGaris AI(artificial Intelligence) researchers, make up the documentary  Singularity or Bust, and the other video is a talk/interview with Noam Chomsky about the singularity.

Singularity or BustThe Singularity is Science Fiction!

I need to understand it more, before spouting off about it. The thought of danger and of blessings, ring true depending on your attitude. Complacency or precaution, cognitive decisions need to be in force rather than neglectful decisions. Things happen so fast, you might want to look around you and see there is no one closing in on you, like a whirlpool going down a drain.

The singularity has a beneficial tone and a dangerous tone too, it will happen… but will it be in the hands of the devil or the hands of God?  The devil wants the human race to fail, to make his case in the courts of God.

I’m religious, but that’s the way I learned of God, where my religion has taken me, is yet to be determined, by you, me, and God.  Death is when I move forward to learn the next step towards singularity. My guess it’s a lifelong journey, and maybe beyond death itself, but that would be conjecture.

The Singularity is a minor goal for me, my main goal is to come face to face with God…and ask God Why?