democracy 102

— Democracy 102 —


Kurzgesagt video explaining democracyDemocracy is an incomplete system, it is capable of being bought for someone else’s agenda. Special interests agenda, more than ever before in our 238 year history.

The special interest lobby is controlling our congress, and not the people, usually controlled by corporate profits agenda. The nation is bought and sold and the trade is the imports of other countries. The lack of home production jobs, where they move to another country to open up a factory there, cause they pay slave wager jobs there.

I wrote before:

“I personally believe there should be a Record Inspection Dept.(RID) to get rid of any corruption found within the government… they could have National Security clearance, no legislative, judicial, or executive influence or power. They are elected to the position by the people, and do not answer to any branch of the government.
They are not lifetime politicians, but average citizens who after the term of the president, return to their jobs. Are given a leave of absence, so that they may return to their previous positions. Their previous positions must have no contract with the government. They are strictly servants of the people.
If they find corruption in one branch of the government, then they report this issue to the two other branches of government for investigation, as well as a report to the people, so they can address their representatives in power, so that nothing is blacked out, and we could have a smooth running government…”


If we add a fuel filter to the system, the RID, it will remove the gunk of corruption.

It’s not a perfect system, but this is the first improvement that I see to be implemented. It should be separate from the govt and in no way subject to the govt. How it is to be implemented is a tricky job, cause you in no way want the corruptible force to choose the attendees, or we have the same problem where they choose the candidates, that are bought and sold for a groups agendas.

It’s that group that is subjectable to corruption, otherwise the system is corruptible again with an add-on that was designed to be a ridder of corruption, and the new design to external purity will have to be redesigned again.

We need to start to get rid of corruption or it will overtake us, and I see it as fuel filter for a car, so think along those lines, or come up with a new way, I don’t care, but democracy is just a false freedom, and if you don’t mind being a hypocrite, then do nothing.

If you don’t want to be a hypocrite, then look into separating the fuel system from the govt control, and put it into the peoples control. It’s my suggestion, I’m people too.