“humans need not apply”

-Humans need not apply, the society is geared for automation-

We make our life so that we need no humans, making our life without purpose. We create the automations that make our lives redundant, so that we need no one.


Depression of Automation

It goes back to the questions of Robin Williamsdepression debacle hanging, I was looking at the movie “World’s Greatest Dad“, and I wondered where he got the idea to hang himself. He was a failed writer and he wrote his son’s suicide letter with success to fame, his son was a radical depressive soul.
It was a sad movie, and why it was related to this movie on automation. It was his reason for his depression.

We made his profession redundant, as all throughout history societies became redundant, when they became superfluous in their ways.

Comedy is so superfluous, where there are more people … clowns, that want a laugh. They take a laugh, but are not willing to give a laugh.
They want to be recognized, that is the road to depression. Where egos take your hand and lead you through the dark hallways of depression, and all the laughter buries you with honors and respects. Laughter can be light as a feather or weigh a couple of tons. It’s who takes your hand determines the weight of it.


Ego or love, you choose.
It needs to be the talk of the psychiatrist in “Good Will Hunting” that we need to hear, or Robin Williams talking to himself to save him from a self destructive act.

The rise in depressions in society, since the automations rose. I’m guessing they should be interdependent with each other. If I had the time I would do the research, but I’m battling with my own demons of indifference, meaning I don’t care anymore.

Well I’m about done with the 300 word limit. My demons have won the battle… but they haven’t won the war.