ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

— ALS Ice Bucket Challenge —

 $94 million raised for the Ice Bucket challenge, it will probably go higher before it’s over, 100+million I guess. I wonder when it’s over?Probably never, since we all are having fun.

“There are a lot of things wrong with the Ice Bucket Challenge, but most the annoying is that it’s basically narcissism masked as altruism. By the time the summer heat cools off and ice water no longer feels refreshing, people will have completely forgotten about ALS. It’s trendy to pretend that we care, but eventually, those trends fade away.”

Well, that answers my question.

I wonder if they’ll ever cure it, we’ve had to watch the masses pouring ice cold water over themselves, really it was refreshing to the heat sometimes, it was a shock other times. It only make some people richer, only 28% goes to research and 19% goes to patient services, that means 47% goes to curing and caring for ALS patients. The other 53% goes to administration,advertising, and public education.

So we see charity run as a big business, I’d rather see 85% going to research and the cure, but it’s been a practice with the big charities for decades, they collect the money, and do not deliver the cures. They work for Big Pharma companies, with their own little clicks and those who develop a cure outside of the click, is ridiculed and shunned.

Then when they see the error of their ways, they are ashamed.

I don’t see anyone curing cancer, they’ve had the cure for over 40 years and even took out patents for cannabis in 1999. Cannabinoids in THC cannabis is not psychoactive, the psycho activity is produced by heat either by cooking or by smoking, but if you make juices or salads then no psychoactive problems occur.


EATING Marijuana GROWS Brain Cells & CURES Cancer!

I don’t know THC and Cannabis, so I don’t think I know all of the propaganda of the Govt, they had the cure for over 40 years from the studies they produced from the 1974 in Virginia.

The cures for cancer have existed for over 40 years, so everyone who died with cancer, was murdered by your own Govt, cause they made it illegal contraband to own it. What happened to the land of the free and the brave, it’s more land of the sheep and the slaves…but I digress to my cynical outlook.

I’m for curing Lou Gehrig’s disease, I was a Gary Cooper fan when he played Lou Gehrig on the Yankees, and when he got the disease at the end of the movie, it made me sad. I watched the movie when I was under 10 years old.

There was no cure back in the 1920’s and 30’s, and still almost 100 years later we still don’t have a cure. I guess we want a sick world for the sake of organized charities, it creates jobs for the sake of employment purposes. I’m getting cynical again.

I have the indifference monkey on my back, I want to say there is a purpose for mankind, but daily, mankind proves me wrong. With the perversions of divinity through religions, and the perversions of faith through experimentation’s from science, which they deny by faith they experiment. When rational people live in denial, what’s the hope for this world?

Seeking the truth when it’s right in front of them they excuse it or make it illegal, there is no hope for the bigot or charlatan, when they run from the truth. Fear is the big deceiver.

And is it ironic the one who said “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”” made the cure illegal, irony shall go down in history as the biggest sin of mankind.

Cure ALS already, it’s been alive over a 100 years, just since we discovered it, who knows where it began.

The cure for cancer is being held up by the govt of the US with a patent, it’s not to be used on human patients, you could do animal studies, but not humans. The govt is so sure they’re not animals.


“Our results suggest that adeno-associated virus type 2, which infects the majority of the population but has no known ill effects, kills multiple types of cancer cells yet has no effect on healthy cells.”
— Craig Meyers



You could go here and read why one doctor is against the Ice Bucket Challenge.  by Dr. Scott Graves