“Expanding Our Perception” of Now

-Perceptions of the Now-

The thought of capturing the moments of the now without bloodshed, is a blessed moment, and should be cherished by all.

I almost went into a rant, but the now doesn’t need to be tainted by the ranting of fools that think they will change the world with their ranting that is underlying with hatred at every turn.

Instead, peace and love… that is the now.

The now deserves a poem that I will write off of the cuff… fresh as fresh can be, so if you are not into poems, then don’t let the door slam you in the ass.


The rains have stopped and will soon start again before Winter

The harvest moon is approaching in the autumn colors

The fruits and vegetables suffered the blight, but produced the best they could

Even though the harvest was low, it covered more than a splinter

The harvest moon is approaching with the autumn breeze

the take was low, but I never promised that it would be easy, only that you would

You get what you need, and not fill up on what’s not appreciated

This is a sad poem, but it’s the best I could do

The world is suffering from blight too, and there is truth being distorted in the name of God

And making the fruits and vegetables deformed and full of hatred

It is sad, but there is nothing I can do for you

but write this sad poem, to capture the moment of now in my life, and pray to God

I feel like I should leave you with a song

but you already have the blues

whether it’s right or wrong

you need a new pair of shoes

not tainted with blood

tainted with mud instead

bask in the peace and the love

just before you’re dead

That’s the best I could do in the short time allowed me. I feel that I should leave you with a musical Now too.

I thought it was dark as the mind, not mine, though they can be interchangeable, we all mine our own souls daily.
It was written by Merle TravisDark as a Dungeon – 1947.
Here’s his version of it.

Read more at http://www.lyrics.com/dark-as-a-dungeon-lyrics-merle-travis.html#4rx9fUTSj2wXmhKe.99


Oh come all you young fellers so young and so fine
Seek not your fortune in a dark dreary mine
It’ll form as a habit and seep in your soul
Till the stream of your blood runs as black as the coal
Where it’s dark as a dungeon damp as the dew danger is double pleasures are few
Where the rain never falls the sun never shines
It’s a dark as a dungeon way down in the mine
Well it’s many a man that I’ve seen in my day
(uh huh no laughin’ during this song please it’s bein’ recorded)
Like a fiend with his dope and a drunkard with his wine
A man will have lust for the lure of the mine
And pray when I’m dead and my ages shall roll
That my body would blacken and turn into coal
Then I’ll look from the door of my heavenly home
And pity the miner digging my bones
Where it’s dark as a dungeon