Choose the right pair of shoes

— Choose The Right Pair of Shoes —


I started with this song to close my PHP class exam, which I got a 78% on, which I guess is a C+.

I’ve gotten kind of busy in this coming Spring that seemed to appear here at the end of January, cause that was the big snow we had, 4ft of snow, and then came the Spring temps in February…and never stopped in March, and then April which approached the 70 degree mark a couple of days in April. While back east was getting buried in snow, and they had the sub zero temps also.

It’s weird when you depend on the weather to make your life great.


 This is a young Anna Graceman singing

“Can We Figure It Out”. I finished the test listening to this song, I was searching the internet rather than searching the class notes, I’m a free spirited learner… if it ain’t answering my inner questions, then I’m being programmed.


 So then I searched youtube for reasons, and came up with this song by The Killers – “For Reasons Unknown”.To me it’s singing of getting old and changing your views, but I only heard it once.

I looked up the Lyrics here, and I guess I was right, it talked of the changing ways of growing old… “But my heart – it don’t beat, it don’t beat the way it used to”

I‘m banned from playing on my site, VEVO bans me. I feel privileged from the recognition.


She told The Observer: “It sounds corny but the establishment doesn’t have a vested interest in any of us waking up out of what Bob Marley called mental slavery and actually trying to make the world a better place. Nor does it have an interest in the young people of this world trying to make it a better place.”

“Young people’s heroes are musicians, so if you want to keep the establishment going you have to make sure that young people are controlled. One way to do that is to put people on the radio who aren’t saying anything, not doing anything that might rattle the system.”

Another one gets the ban, censorship doesn’t do anyone any good.

This song left me puzzled what were the 8 Good Reasons, maybe 9… it was good music all the same, but I never heard it before.


This is  Genesis – Land Of Confusion, it was an off the wall video in the 80’s, but it still goes on today.

Not enough love to go round, creating problems and the solutions are always sanctions or military encounters, no solutions only more problems.

This is depressing me more.

It seems the copyright police, makes people go to youtube to study your listening habits, and be distracted by their programming. I don’t condone these manipulation practices. No more to be playable on my site. I hate these programming tactics !


The Temptations – Ball of ConfusionWhat the world is today… I’ll leave it here, cause I’m hacked by it’s like a fly buzzing around my head.

I wish there was a way to attack them… it must be my comments on EU, because it started after I posted my views.

I have to understand about, so I think I’ll start uncovering their shit. It works both ways, but I don’t uncover your digital lives, I strike at the core of your existence.

This is the last one, that gets scratched by the copyright police, rather than sharing to keep the profits stream strong, they like to feed their egos. Egos can be broken, and you don’t have to feed them anymore, but I’m merciful.


Jeez, it makes me sound like a terrorist… It think I should post one more song by Styx – Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)