Poney riding a Firefox Plugin

— Spammers riding a Firefox Plugin  and other Fugups in the news —


I had a bout with poneytelecom.eu and it was persistent to the point of madness, but I got rid of them by taking a plugin out of Firefox, it seems they were run by spammers OVH servers in France, and it gave access to poneytelecom.eu the plugin was WorldIP it displayed your IP and the visiting site’s IP.

It was a good plugin, but I ended up blocking their major features, and I didn’t know who was wrong or right, so I’m going on the premise that I was wrong.

There were times that poneytelecom.eu was eating up my speed, and I looked up poneytelecom.eu and it didn’t have good reviews, in fact I don’t know who wrote the reviews, so I was in a tornado of thoughts and my head was spinning around like the kid is the exorcist.  I deleted the Firefox plugin and to my surprise poneytelecom.eu went away. So whoever has World IP, it seems good, but if your a paranoid like me, then I wish you all the luck with it, it made me dizzy.

I liked the location in the status bar, all the other IP checkers were in the menu or up top, it required more clicks. There must be something not secure in the status bar with Mozilla. I’ve just gotten into programming, and my mind’s spinning from the possibilities, all I see is darkness, it makes me thinking dark things as a distraction. All I want is to think bright things, and shine to reveal all the crooks and scammers.

So paranoia got the best of me, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I think the plugin is in cahoots with the darkside, but I’m not advocating that, it might be 1 or 2 people that found a back door to the plugin, or it might be harmless security people trying to get into my computer… I don’t know, but I’m glad I found a way to stop poneytelecom.eu.


Now all the other screw ups in the world news this morning


Hillary Clinton changed her mind this morning and is going to make another attempt at ruling the world with running in 2016,  that means 2 more years of hearing about it. Here is a Saturday Night Live skit of her running again. They were not too nice, lets hope she has a sense of humor.




 The next story is of Daesh(ISIS) destructing more history relics, at least they are attacking non living things, I see it as something that will bite them in the ass at a later time. Daesh is only digging a deeper grave for themselves, I’ve chosen to call them Daesh instead of IS, cause Daesh means something derogatory in Arabic. I would rather call them an insult than a glory.




This is a sad story, because of an officer’s fuck ups this man died. He forgot that he wasn’t holding a taser, and pumped a bullet into his back or chest, I don’t know what happened from the video. It made sure to not show the officer’s faces with blocks. He had to be black to keep the massive tensions between black and white to go on. We have terrorists here on our soil through the media advocating the tensions, when there is no tensions, there is more economic tensions and differences, then there is racial tensions. I see the spokesmen of the black community as the terrorists, it’s no longer a civil rights issue, it’s a spotlight of egos issue.

Anyway here it is, you can decide…I think the cop who shot him, should be brought up on murder too, he should be brought up on manslaughter at least, in fact I think that he should not even be a cop at 73.

Who would forget what he was holding in his hands.





“In Washington DC alone 14 bridges have been labelled ‘decrepit’ and in ‘poor condition’.”

This is the last video in a series of errors that I made up, my first fugup was the episode of the spam/scam attacks, which was the thumb, and this story is the pinky.

It’s sad though that we seek to better the world, while our infrastructure is crumbling down on our cars, it’s sad the amount of work to be done, and we don’t have anyone working on it. We have the highest rate of unemployment in history, but our priorities seem to be mixed up, people need jobs, and should be hired by the govt to fix our infrastructure, or hire contractors to fix it. Just be sure you don’t use it as a campaign issue, cause we know it’s all lies, to use for the dumb people to get elected.

Give the people the jobs, stop sending the money around the world, oh your sending weapons around the world instead. While your destroying the world, we at home are rotting in despotism and decay, maybe despotism isn’t the right word for now, but if ignored it would become despotism.


There I feel better, to know that I’m not alone in my mess ups, well not better just a better sad.




Misery loves company