Hacking to Attacking of Cars

— Hacking to Attacking of Cars —


We make more security problems when we make our cars to be controlled in the digital realm, rather than the mechanical realm… mechanical realm leaves you in control, and not somebody else with nefarious reasons.



We make something flimsy, and seek to fix it in post. Being an audio engineer, I found it easy to fix it in post, with all the digital tools that audio has. I would like to record it clean first, but if I had to, I had the option of fixing it in post.

You build a rock hard system with the data encrypted securely before you release it to the public, you don’t have the option of fixing it in post, like you do with audio. It’s people’s properties and lives that are put in jeopardy.

Every car has Onstar or some other proprietary wireless system that connects to a satellite, and controls the many microprocessors on the vehicle that controls steering, brakes, throttle, etc., which is not an option. I tried to buy a new vehicle, and I did not have an option, to not install it, they are installed on every vehicle made.

If I was willing to pay plus or minus $30,000 for a new vehicle, I should have the option to not install it. The dealer said just “don’t activate it“, but it was already installed, then why I would pay $30,000, if I didn’t have the option of not getting it installed. It’s just a black box somewhere hidden in the trunk, or somewhere else in the car wiring, depends on the make or model of the vehicle.

Don’t join is just a sweet pacifier to stop my whining, suppose I like to whine, it’s just you don’t like to hear it. I whine about things that you don’t like to reveal to the public, just sweep it under the rug, out of sight out of mind.

That complacency was the key to all fatal accidents. Complacency is the root of all accidents… you are not aware of what’s going on around you.

Well, be aware and don’t sweep it under the rug, unless you free me from being under your control, or give me the option to disable it, or not being installed in the first place.

If you want me to buy a new vehicle again, make more mechanical vehicles and more options through software choices. You need to obsolete the virtual controls, leave the mechanical systems in control…if you step on the brakes, the brakes work, and not in control of some buggy software… along with the throttle mechanisms too.


UPDATE: This just in from Wired ( Geez they blocked the Wired video… but I managed to get around this oppression of facts with a CNN video, with an interview with one of the hackers)



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