Sandy Bland’s death

— Sandy Bland’s death —



For nothing, but an illegal lane change, she was put in jail for 3 days, instead of getting a fine. I saw the whole 52 minutes long tape off the dash cam of the Cop, and I heard all the audio of what went on, and I see more discrepancies on the Cop’s side. Why would you have her get out of the car, when you can step back and not breathe her smoke.

Who get’s bent out of shape when he is tailgating her, and she wanted to get out of his way, but I would’ve at least put on my signals before changing lanes.

I know when I get pulled over, I’m not in a good mood, so the cop has a negative points from me. His attitude is that of the gestapo in Germany during WWII, and demanding the lady to put her cigarette out. The fact that the smoke gets in his face, just step back and let her kill herself slowly. It’s not illegal to smoke in your own car.

Then she wouldn’t have gotten arrested and eventually died in custody, whether she killed herself or not, no one deserves the way she was arrested. If I was her, I would’ve reacted the same way. If I stayed in jail for more than 24 hours, I would grow more displeased…angrier.

Power hungry cops should be against the law, and they should be ticketed and fined.

You give somebody a badge, and he thinks he’s God.

Well, the fact is he’s still human, and capable of errors the way everyone else is.

The mercy he’s shown to Sandy, the public should show him that same mercy.


I don’t know what kind of despair that Sandra felt, I felt her pain, just arriving in Texas that yesterday and being thrown in jail for what should’ve been a traffic ticket by a power hungry cop, that would’ve set me into a rage too.

I would’ve reacted differently, much like the cop reacted to her disdain, I would’ve have reacted to his disdain… and ask him to step back if the smoke was bothering him, cause as far as I knew there was no law against cigarette smoking and in my own car too.

There is no law against cigarette smoking in Texas?  Is there?

Well, what did he read in the report of Sandra Bland’s papers, when he went back to the police car? Cause when he returned to the vehicle he was challenging her more, which was setting her off more, and who knows what was going on in jail and her treatments from the staff of the jail, that no one will ever know now.

If I wasn’t released on bail after 24 hours, I’d be calling a lawyer to set bail…she was in there for 3 days…well 2-1/2 at least. After seeing that tape of the arrest, I saw a Cop that didn’t need to be a Cop, cause he wasn’t socially polite, “I will lite you up” with a taser in his hand, for not putting out a cigarette.

All for not giving a traffic signal for changing lanes, the classic police brutality… or blowing something petty into a felony arrest… and eventually a suicide or murder… I’ll let the investigations tell the story.

Whenever they release the video of her cell, they said they released it today… they tell you, they have the last 90 minutes, but the camera should be on 24 hours. Just show the last person to see her alive, that went into the cell. Well all day and no video…they want to doctor it. They should be cell cameras, at least documenting the visitors, and not pointing at the toilets. The day of the tapes is old school, the expense of the digital recordings is dirt cheap.


Also the tow truck that left didn’t signal to merge on the road, and someone that pulled to the right lane that didn’t signal, and someone making a left onto the highway didn’t signal… let’s blow it out of proportion, all caught by the police dash cam. In the 52 minute video the tow truck is leaving at 49:35, and the others did not leave a signal either.

Who knows how many others pulling over to the right lane that didn’t signal caught by the dash cam in those 52 minutes, I didn’t look for it, before I got the idea to look at the tow truck leaving with Sandy’s car, and the car moving into the right lane after the tow truck pulled out, and the person making a left onto the highway didn’t signal either… all happening within a minute of the tow truck leaving.


I just saw her FB Videos, “Sandy Speaks“, and she was fighting depression like me and everyone else who locks to the TV news, believing everything they see or hear from that vocal box. It incites racism to say the least, and there are those on both sides of the racial fence, that look to capitalize on it….the tensions that rise.

Here is a brief video of her talking about her depression…



And this is the song by Kurt Carr, that she spoke of… a very moving Gospel piece… God Blocked It