Habitual Learning of Cognition’s Secrets

Change your habits, it’s the first step of brainwashing… but by yourself.
Not by an external source, but by yourself… this guy is wise and observant, of what goes on in his mind, but what’s in his mind, maybe not in your mind.

Cognition Avenue is only traveled by you, and others have their own Cognition Avenues, that they travel and come across different experiences… their is a bit of assuming here, that he can “train” you.
Which I’m not too proud of being treated as a dog.

I’m just saying he was true to a point, before he got into the training remarks.

The things he brought up about connecting to memories, is sound to a point… everyone has different memories, so their connections are different… to different experiences/memories.

ell, that’s my 2 cents… we all are in charge of our own cognition, and we can get a clearer picture of the road ahead, by listening to this guy… well before he starts assuming about your connections, and talks of training you like a dog.