Stoned Eagle Eye Music Reviews – 10 & True, Traveling Light, Violet’s Tale

These reviews are here
to entertain You
And me too

This a Work in progress, so it will change over time
I’m just a piece of driftwood going with the flow in the river of life

I don’t know what’s ahead of me

This first Video is called “10 & True” by James Quick, and is very interesting, and inspiring, to not give up on your heart’s dreams.

We grow up, and forget our youth’s ambitions/dreams, they should be kept alive, and not distracted with survival games… in otherwords, Adulthood.

“Forever Young” by Bob Dylan comes to mind. He wasn’t much of a singer, but he wrote a lot of great songs.


his next Video is “Traveling Light” by Leonard Cohen.
I received this Artist from My dearest Friend in Lebanon, Fred Hage, who was close to idolizing him, but he’s similar to Bob Dylan, which I idolized him, when I was younger… but they wrote great songs… they needed other artists to do them as covers, before they became noticed.

Anyway, this is him getting old and writing a song of traveling light… cause age is a travesty, and it sucks getting old and lonely… so hopefully, he’s home with friends in his peace, and finally getting some rest with all the struggles he sang about.

“We came into this world born to wear diapers, and go out of this world wearing diapers again.”
An old joke and it was funny the first time you heard it… then became nails screeching on a blackboard, every time thereafter.


his next Video is called “Violet’s Tale” by REN,  it brought to mind The Ambitious Violet by Khalil Gibran, which caused our break up, cause she was named “Rose”… and I understood the story, but not her proud way, but I sided with the Violet’s life… everyone alive goes through different things, I tried to articulate my point of view, but like I always did… but I failed.

This video brought it back to mind, everyone goes through different things, and needs to be reminded of that, and not be so proud and narcissistic to be a blind fool… I’ve been fighting my own narcissistic demon, since I left NY… I think I’m in control of it, but I know better… no one is perfect and we need forgiveness and mercy, if we are to make progress from this cold cruel world.
Well, here is the “Violet’s Tale” by REN.

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Violet’s Tale


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