Frustrations Diets

— Frustrations Diets : Makes you Mad to the point of Insanity —

back to musicI need a break from the frustrations diets, with learning this Zoom R8 multitrack recorder. It’s driving me crazy, I started making a drum pattern, and I wanted to change the bar length, but I couldn’t. So I figured I’d just delete it, and start new. I did it “deleted” it, but nothing happened.

It turned out that when you say delete it, another confirmation appears “Are You Sure”, except NO is selected by default, I had to select YES. The first time I did it, I just pushed it again. So NO was selected. I guess the NO by default, is a good thing. IDK.

It had parenthesis around the bar length, meaning it can’t be edited. The creation was simple, but the changing is not so simple. I have to read the screen instructions, no matter how annoying they are. Except there is nothing in the manual, about it.

It’s a great machine, but a nightmare to learn.

Frustrations diets are extreme headaches, it seems no matter what you do, you meet another stumbling block along your path. It’s your attitude that gets around them, or falls whining in rage cursing at the heavens, but whatever it is, you need to see it through till the end.

You’ll look back at the path you traveled, and know how to avoid the the stumbling blocks in the future, and share your stories, so that others will know how to get around them.

Well, I needed a break to rant about this and reflect on my life, to get around this stumbling block, and realized that the stumbling block was for my own education. It showed how impatient I was, and my attitude needs to change. Read and don’t assume, you need to select your choices.

Well, I don’t have much of anything else to say, so I’ll leave you with this youtube video playlist …