Music Has Always been my Love

— Music Has Always been my Love, and has never Hurt me —


music has always been my lovePeople have always hurt me, but music is neutral, and healing at best. Music has always been my love !

When I play it, I feel like I ripped them off, cause I feel great. The vibrations of the universe that make the sounds, and that we call music.

I could go into a long winded spiel about the vibrational sounds that make up our world, and the universe, but that would be a mute point. Does sound exist in space, since it needs air to travel and be heard?

There are so many mysteries that exist in the world today, and music is mine. It is a mystery.

Why music is so captivating to the humans and animals?

It deals with emotional captivism(captivism is not a word, but it should be).

I see music as a dream, cause I go into a trance dreaming when I was young and stupid. I sung songs when I was young, such as “I’m turning Japanese”. Turning Japanese is a euphemism for masturbation, told to me from someone in the music industry. Which ruined the song for me.

I liked the music mostly, and I liked the hook in the lyrics. I love masturbating wasn’t a good choice, though I loved masturbating, when I felt down there.

Music has always been a healing property for me, which is a mystery for me, and some are realizing the healing properties of music, making it into hospitals, as we speak.

The emotional healing is expressed in some songs, speaking of a man with his guitar and loneliness making songs with his emotions, and the ending is the healing part. If I was a narcissist, then this song would be about me, but I choose the rational path, there isn’t much pain on the rational path. It’s about Steve Clark from Def Leppard.


I get sidetracked, when I’m involved with music. I’m like a butterfly, more like a dumb moth trying to get the light, and ends up getting burned in the moth zapper. Much like the song Sign of The Times that I wrote in the early 90’s, I don’t know why I get burned all the time, mostly stupidity.



Music has always been my love, and always will be, but some much more mature than in my younger days. I’ve learned to reason and be rational, and gain benefits from my thinking. I know longer mindlessly dance, and are moved by the beat to something about masturbation. I like the music, but I’ve grown to listen to the lyrics. Just because the groove is catchy, it isn’t saying something I like, then I won’t dance to it, as if I can still dance.

I can sing like David Bowie, but I saw his interview when he said that he can’t sing, and never saw himself as a singer. He just wrote songs. Which I do too, though I’m not a performer. I have the fear of American audiences, along with Bowie, but his fear was the Americans politically, not performing.


Music has always been my love, continuously throughout my life.

When I was a kid and listening with a single earpiece, when I went to bed I sat and listened to AM radio with the earpiece, and I had a dream of me singing before an audience. I think it was the time the song by Clarence Carter called Patches was #4, and was being played over and over again. I liked the song, so I would get a smile on my face, every time I heard it.

AM Radio quickly turned to FM radio, and then 8track, then cassettes, then CDs, then mp3 players…  and then streaming music, I don’t know what comes after that.

The music industry exploits it, they fear the free music, cause it puts them out of business. They design the tools that we produce music with, and they charge an arm and a leg for the equipment. I know I spent my whole college tuition on the equipment, and then some more cause $20,000 wasn’t enough, so I spent close to $50,000+,  I’m guessing over 30 years.

I was the prodigal son of music ideology/idiology.

Idiology is not a word, it’s a term I invented from idiot.

I’ve been an idiot all of my life, though everyone who knows me, thinks I’m smart. The reflections of my life, prove to me, I’m an idiot, more times than not. I reflect a lot, and so many times when I was young and stupid, I drank myself into a stupor, and did some sick shit. Not anything too sick, where I was arrested. We just didn’t get caught.

I had a conscience that haunted me, when I was sober, and I avoided those times in the future, but the music has always been my love. I wait when music becomes flesh, and would take a place across from the table from me, and converse with me, and melt away my loneliness.

In my dreams…