Call Blockers With A Keypad Finally

— Call Blockers With A Number Keypad Finally —


UPDATE:The returning

I returned it, it kept on telling me the line was in use. It was defective. It broke down less than a week after the return period expired from Amazon, but I had Prime, so they cut me some slack. I won’t renew my Prime… I’ll go back to the other version of the Sentry2.2. It had its bugs, but was reliable besides the constant resetting.

Maybe if it wasn’t manufactured in China, there would be more care in the design. American made products is accountable for their merits. Quality is something that should be made in our own backyards. Not to bad mouth China, but they’re too much manufacturing cheap stuff, rather than quality stuff. They’re cheaper. I’ve got to give them quality to that. I would like to have something that lasts for a lifetime, like the old American made stuff. If you took care of it.

There must be something we can do with robo calls, telemarketers, political surveys, etc… In fact everyone that wants to disturb your solitary thinking times. You’re disturbing my peace. I would like to put you at peace… and disturb you, so you know what it feels like.


The pros and cons…

The Pros, the keypad to put in the numbers.
The Cons, on the time limit to add the numbers through the keypad, you pause for a second or two, it goes back to clear the numbers. If you don’t have a list of numbers to add, then you have a problem. I timed it.
When you pause for 3 seconds, and it goes blank, and you have to start over.



keypadThere is a new call blocker Sentry 3, that allows you to whitelist 1500 of your friends,neighbors,and relatives by entering their numbers with a keypad. Which was more difficult the old way, scrolling through the numbers one by one, and selecting them.

It was a nightmare, and had you wishing for a number keypad. Well, there is now, a new callblocker named Sentry 3. That came up with a simpler way to whitelist numbers with a number keypad.


Well, there was an easier way to add them to the blacklist, all you had to push was the reject/block button. The number on you caller ID was put it into the blocked box, to be no more heard of again.


If the people call you, you could whitelist them. If they never called you, and you wanted them to get through, now you can enter them. As simply as using the number keypad, instead of an archaic menu system.

At least that’s what they say, I haven’t got it yet.




Sentry 3 CallBlocker: Understandable Pro & Cons

It’s the Sentry 3.

It requires batteries, and no ac adapter, but the batteries last from 6 months to a year and a half. I changed the batteries once in almost 2 years. It’s ready for another battery change. I think I changed it with lithium batteries. They last longer.

The memory is not volatile, so it doesn’t require you to add the numbers again. Once the numbers are in there, it doesn’t require battery power to stay in there. You can take the batteries out, and the numbers you added are permanently stored.

Just pushing a number button, rather than the menu driven system on the earlier versions of the Sentry, should be a simpler joy.




I‘m not against telemarketers, cause they believe in what they’re trying to sell you…they got free samples. Sell it in the stores, or make an infomercial, that I can watch, but don’t call me. “I’d probably be at the store right now, If I wanted to buy something.”

It sounds promising, but it could be another distraction from working. I heard of a person that was busy waiting for jobs, cause she had many job applications out there, and was home a lot. This way she could put their numbers in her whitelist, and let the call blocker do its work.

She was scammed by the phony IRS phone calls with a warrant out for your arrest. I also was targeted 2 years ago. So I broke down and bought the Sentry v2.2, but now I saw they added a number keypad with the Sentry 3… which would make my life easier to add a number.

So it should be here Monday by UPS, at least that’s what Amazon says…Monday is President’s Day, UPS must not celebrate.


Older versions of the Sentry v2.2

I still have the Sentry v2.2 which is a menu driven box, and doesn’t have a number keypad.

There were more numbers I wanted to add, but it took 5 minutes a phone number.

With the area codes, it came to 10 numbers. Even with the local numbers, you had to add the area code also. Otherwise, they would hear the blocked outgoing message.

The calls from telemarketers, political surveyors, charitable seekers, etc. were driving me crazy.

When I bought the Sentry v2.2 call blocker almost 2 years ago, the phones stopped ringing. It rang once, before the caller was greeted with the default prerecorded outgoing message.

If they wanted to get in touch with me, then all they had to do was leave a message.

It gave me joy for the first time, in along time.