Truth of Psychiatry

— Truth of Psychiatry —


The truth and the money profit running the psych industry, it’s such a misuse of power, and experimentation on human kind.

My second grade teacher said to my Mom that she needed to take me to psychiatrist, because I wasn’t doing my homework in a book, that she never checked, my Mother yelled back at her that she needed to go to psychiatrist. I heard that from my Mom, so it’s hearsay.

When I realized that she never checked the work, I thought I would get away with not doing the work, the only thing wrong with that, by the time she checked the work, she realized that I never did the work for the whole quarter.

When my Parents found out that I was a lazy student, they got mad at me, and I had to stay up late every night for about 2 weeks, and fill out the book; it might have been 3 weeks.

I knew then, I was sad, that I was imprisoned in school. It was a place where I learned to socialize with the society, but it was a catholic school and had dress codes and church requirements, so it was a prison to me.

I was always living in fear from getting into trouble around every corner. I mean this whole world is a prison to me, it means getting along with everyone, who’s goal is not to get along with anyone. People raising up people to believe that they’re superior to other people, and when in fact, they’re inferior to them.

Wars start, nation condemning nations, or nations condemning a nation.

Doctors condemning an individual with a disease, rather than healing them, they choose to medicate them into a stupor or speed high, and make the symptoms masked by the drugs, but the symptoms are always there.

If I grew up about 20 years later, I would’ve been judged or diagnosed with ADHD or ADD and been prescribed Ritalin or Prozac. I’m thankful I grew up in the 60′-70’s, rather than the 80′-90’s.

They masked themselves as experts, but I challenge their expertize, “what makes you experts of mental illness?”, it takes one to know one, pops into my mind right now.

Well this is the history of the psychiatric industry, it makes the Nazis seem like a child gang, the mad men that started this industry, should’ve been jailed. They had good deeds in mind, but reaching those goals, made a lot of pain in society. The ends don’t justify the means, that’s the ideology of the Nazis… I thought you knew that.


“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
— George Santayana