overcoming fear

— Overcoming Fear —

 Overcoming fear is easy, at least for me, cause I’m indifferent to what they could do to me, that hasn’t already been done.

The fact is, I just don’t care.

Fear Masks

The sensitive people, it might be harder to overcome fear, cause you are sensitive to fear itself.

Fear is scanning for your weaknesses, and looking for a crack to get through.

Like the cold looking to get in to warm house on a cold Winter’s night. You need to weatherproof your house. Seal all the windows and doors, but not so they’re nailed shut. Where you still have access to the outside world.

So Fear/cold doesn’t seep in through the cracks. You also need to raise your confidence level, not in an artificial way, but in a natural way. That will last, at least till you die.

I don’t agree with him that we won’t overcome death eventually, it’s in our future. Not in the sinful nature of mankind, that will never happen. We should look for it at least, it’s the only thing logical in the equation of life.


Fix the drafty house and you should stay warm, if you have enough wood to burn, or another heat source. I could go on and on about the future being bad and unfeeling, but you already know that. You are feeling the beginning of sorrows. The economy is being tanked as we speak, I just touched upon the economy the last several years. I was dumb to it before, but I see it getting worse, before it gets better.

You can hear the speakers in their pulpits saying the 2nd amendment spiel, but that’s not going to wipe out tyranny. It’s only going to defend against tyranny.

It is in no way noble to become despots in trying to rid the world of despots. You become the monster in trying to rid the world of monsters.
What’s wrong with this picture?



It’s been going on throughout history, we live in a free society. Where we make it illegal to grow the plants God gave us, because some fat cat with the profit margin in mind says so. That is criminal in my mind. I can understand the fear in their minds, that what they fear is greater than the fear in us. So they make us fear an inanimate object. The plant that is so useful, between textiles,medicine,food,etc..

Fear is a very dangerous emotion, it can save you, or it can destroy you. Like all things in this world there is a light side and a dark side. The light side is filled with understandings and blessings, while the dark side is filled with confusions and cursings. They need each other. Also, they give the definitions to the overall picture. They raise the contrast to the enlightenment.

You can fine tune and fine tune, till you get a headache. Blaming the other side for their perspective is like swatting at fruit fly/gnat that gets swept away by the wind of your hand, and doesn’t meet its timely death, and is free to buzz your head again.
Patience is what you need to fill in the cracks, and fortify your being. So that they in no way are to invade your home again.

That’s my perspective of fear, I left a lot out, but I’m sure, if you want to know, God will teach you. It’s better than listening to hearsay from me.