hacking perfection, dream on

— Hacking Perfection —


 This is another ego trip of Shots of Awe creator Jason Silva, he talks of capturing a state of being whole and perfect. I wish him well in this quest, but will he teach it to us, when he learns it?

This hacking our superiority is a fallacy that sounds good, but brings destruction to our very nature. Seeking perfection in a world bent on destruction to bring about peace, I only wonder how long it will take before you see that what must be conquered is your own soul, rather than other nations who have a different way of life than you do.

Nationalism is the way of the Nazis, and that didn’t do them any good, they lived on as a parasite and distorted our ways of freedom. We in the US, took the Nazi Scientists home and sucked every little bit of technology, so that we were hooked on the same drug as the Nazis. Addiction to destruction is similar addiction to heroin, it gives you a high that doesn’t last long, before you need another fix, another upgrade, another technology, but it only spins you into the oblivion of addiction.

This is going away from what started this rant, we need to raise an army of thoughts to battle the demons in our own souls, and those demons are always blaming others externally, but your enemies, are yourselves.

Free yourselves, climb out of your cages, and raise the flag of freedom in your mind. So that it waves in the face of your capturers, the thoughts of fear.

I’ve often felt like this inside, singing the blues inside my own soul. The voices in my head being the destruction I see outside of the body in the world, I seclude myself in my own shell, like a turtle.

The hard shell of a turtle protects you from the outside world, but it’s not safe to hide. That is the road to cowardice, and tyranny living in harmony, don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you.

It’s where you tolerate each other without changing each other, the real solution is the changing of the inside, our faults.

Surgically removing that prideful tumors that grow on your soul, and bring destruction to all you hold valuable, but maybe you like being a masochist. I see no future in it, so like the lady sings I’m “Gone”.

I’m off to change the Man in the Mirror, but at a deeper level

The change needs to be inside, not the outside world, that is the blame game territory.

You need to change yourselves and don’t hide like a turtle, but share your light around the world, and light is synonymous with understanding, don’t impose it, but share it.

Don’t shine the light in someone’s face, but shine it where they are looking, blinding someone isn’t enlightening them.

So don’t fight an army of nations, that isn’t the way, fight an army of demons with fearful thoughts, and overcome them those who are recruiting the terrorism that you want to defeat. The core of all our problems start in the spiritual world, and the physical follows, it has been that way throughout history.

The cure is not in treating the symptoms, but the disease itself, where it starts. The core is spiritual, and that change is the core of the problem, you don’t recognize the spiritual.

You can’t measure it, so it doesn’t exist, you never knew how to measure the oxygen levels in the air at one time either, but you didn’t stop breathing. You don’t know how to measure the spiritual side, my guess cause that’s all I can do, you have the aura theory, but that’s an ego trip to nowhere, the key to discovering it is overcoming your emotions.

I’ve been battling with my emotions, since my Dad told me that when you’re in an emotional state of mind, you’re not in control of your rationality. When you’re battling your demons/emotions, you win and lose some battles, but the war is eternal. It was like Job in the bible, wrestling with himself, as we all do. Ethics is the way of the righteous, murder is the way of the terrorists.

I’m fraying on the point and going in all directions, so I’m at the end of the rope. So rather than delve into suicidal thoughts, I’d like to say I’m “gone”, and no more will you make me fear and cry, with suicides and murders. The terrors that you bring is not my cup of tea, and I banish you from my door, and raise a flag as a no trespassing sign, and you will be persecuted to full extent of the law, if you come any further into my domain.

Take your weapons of thoughts and turn it on yourselves in suicidal mayhem, and make the world a better place.


Thanks to ALL the musicians and Songwriters on youtube, if you find I misused your music, then let me know…and I’ll do my best to correct it, or delete it.