Music Copyright?

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5

Inspired “Smoke On The Water”.

I wonder who came up with it first, Ludwig or Ritchie… according to this world, it was Ludwig, but we can learn something else when time is revealed as an illusion.

After listening to Beethoven’s Symphony #5, he came up with that riff in the Smoke On The Water song, which was the first song I played on the guitar, before I seriously played the guitar… it was a couple of years after I first heard it on AM radio, and it seemed easy to me, cause it was the same riff over and over again.

My Mom bought me a guitar, in my younger high school days, but I was more into impressing, instead of learning about it… all I could remember about it was El Kabong from the Quick Draw McGraw cartoons, and that was my extent on learning it.

Here’s a bit of Ludwig’s version of Symphony #5, you have to seek out the whole version on youtube, cause it’s over a half hour long.

Now the MPC menu diving, and the AKAI account logins, and downloading the new MPC 2.13 and installing it…

I can’t login to my account with Akai Pro, it seems a nightmare in working with Akai MPC, and no one is right… or maybe, I’m not young anymore. No one has tech phone #, for support anymore.

They write articles trying to deal with the problems that I face… I just want to sign in to my account.

I finally figured out how to write, and save to an SD card, and not saving internally to MPC Live2, I’ve saved it there before, and there was not load the last project.

MPC Beats software DAW, it has the problem with trying to connect to my MPC Live2, I don’t know what to do.

Maybe I should restart the PC… and it will all work.
I never got it working again, this laptop is weak, and I developed a virus in it, mostly when I was exploring, and installing downloads from free software… they don’t uninstall all of it, they leave little backdoors in the Windows registry, everytime you load windows.

It’s there like a virus, or cold you can’t shake… even registry cleaners are filled with viruses too. The FREE ones, it’s loaded with hidden malware.
Mostly scripts of instructions, that connect with other servers on the internet, and spy on what you do, or other site you explore/surf… using cookies.

It would be a good thing, if there was no corruptions and thievery in the world… but that’s in the future, and isn’t here now.

MPC 37 key

Click on the Keyboard to see the review of it

Heck, I ordered MPC 37 Keys, I’m going all in before I die… it’s something to keep me company in the bed of solitude, instead of depression with bad thoughts and dark miseries.

Music has always been in my flow on the river of life, sometimes my voice in therapy, and sometimes my expressive voice to the world… you might not like my music, but I make it, so it relieves my stress from the world.

The devil lives here too, and is always trying to stress me out, and tempt me to curse God, and I’m tired of blowing my top at God… and would want to create songs in a therapeutic way, or in something, I would like to make public to the world.

I want to return to him, something that would be a stumbling block to him(the devil) and his ego… and he would be tempted to receive contempt charges in the court of God, and fined or jailed.
He might rule the world now, but soon my God is going to reward him, with the sentence that he deserves.

I want to breathe in peace and harmony, and not be chained to this sick bed… and constantly be charged with falsities and vain things, that tempt me… this is my weapon against them.
That, and the weapons in me from God, hopefully the world will be beautiful, when I’m done, or one step closer to the beautifulness.

Life is long journey to seek out the wrongs and rights from life, and hopefully you’ll produce a satisfying fruit, that will strengthen someone’s character, and the world will be more beautiful for that fruit that you produced.

I’ll try not to let my ego monster take over my life, and lead me down that dark road without headlights, I’ve been there before, and I know there maybe new things in the road, as stumbling blocks, but that’s life… C’set La Vie. I just hope I arrive at me destination, cause death is inevitable for now, as it is for everyone, at this time.

But all we can do is hope, that it will be more beautiful world, instead of a doom and gloom world, that it is now.