Channel Master DVR+

— Channel Master DVR+  CM7500GB16 —

UPDATE: I tried to connect with VUDU, and couldn’t access my account… I went through the lame way to fill in the info, and it kept denying it, saying it was wrong. When it was right.



   Finally, something goes right in my life, I scanned the channels with the Channel Master DVR+, and was expecting 3 channels, and came up with 31 channels, all with an indoor antenna, and the pictures were all crystal clear, maybe 24 channels, but it was a lot more than I was expecting.

When they changed the analog to digital, it was a nightmare getting reception… why screw with something that was working and replace it with a weaker signal. Digital conversion, I bought the digital antenna, and never got more than 3 channels, but somewhere in the hardware of the Channel Master DVD+ it took care of the mysteries of the new digital signal, and gave me 31 channels.

Well around 20, plus or minus 1 or 2 with the lame ass indoor antenna I have, and a clear picture without pixelating and locking up, of something worth watching, as far as Spokane too.

If I get an outside antenna, then 31+ channels I’m guessing.

Also has 2 USB ports so you can plug in external hard drives, up to 3 terabytes drive. They sell a 1 TB drive already installed, for $150 more, but I bought the 16GB one for $249, and it has a guide menu, and you can hook up wireless(bought separately and plugs into one of the USB ports) and wired to the internet for more of a sure Guide, then what you get over the air.

It only has a HDMI plug out, so old TVs are out of luck, and new TVs will only work… well someone with technical knowledge can modify it, with HDMI to RF converters for old TVs.


I‘m not a TV watcher, I have it on for the noise to drown out the silence… the silence of my mind is filled with demons in their cells, and that silence I don’t want to hear.

I didn’t lock them in their cells, but I won’t let them out either…which is the noise.

I just quit Dish Network after 15 years with them, and with what I paid them every month, I break even after another 3 months, and don’t have to pay for subscriptions, the only hitch is putting up with the commercials.


I’m also against commercials, they seem to program you to be a consumer, when you don’t want to buy, they should be like Wikipedia and not programming you, but research ready for you to seek on your own. That way they get the ones who need it.

Also they can have their own channels, instead of cutting into the other programs. The channel could be more of research channel, where they sell it to the people, rather than rip off and manipulate the people.

I’m dead set against the buy buy buy message of commercials, produce a quality product, so you don’t have to fill up a dump with the products that you discarded. The earth has a limited amount of space and we keep on multiplying populations and garbage.

I want to know what’s going on in the world, however limited TV news is, it’s all propaganda with an agenda, as far as I’m concerned. That they spin the agendas to control your thoughts to serve an ideology… and you’re dizzying spinning, where they want you.

I’m aware of my conspiratorial ways, but it makes you think… I’d rather be aware, than be surprised by beware, when that time comes conspiracy is the thinking about it, so you can make plans, hopefully it won’t happen.


I just wanted to plug the Channel Master DVR+, and it has a replay, if you missed it, with rewind and forward, I never had that, so I’m amazed by it.

I don’t know how much time it has, whatever 16GB gives you, cause the manual’s a little skimpy, but I’m sure there’s more info online.

So if you live in a remote site, and you want free TV, then Channel Master DVR+ is the way to go, it’s limited and has commercials, but it also has VUDU, Pandora, and YouTube online, I didn’t hookup to the Internet yet, but I wanted to plug/praise this contraption, I’m sure it will do what it does.

They just added Youtube, there is talk of more services to be added, I wonder when Netflix and Amazon will be added. Though you won’t be able to record pay per view movies through the Internet, they reformat your drive so you will not be able to record, so you have to have a clean drive.

So if you have a $80 a month bill, it will be paid off after the third month.