ISIS captures Syrian Air Base

-ISIS captures Syrian Air Base-


This has got to be the stupidest move by ISIS it brings the world, which no one likes, it unifies the world against ISIS. What is that saying the enemy of my enemy is an ally to me.

The acts of ISIS is so evil, they turn religions to join other religions. Their word is like a melting ice cube, eventually it will get hot and melt, or the world will fall into another ice age. Ice ages let nothing to grow and made it a struggle for all living creatures.

The perversion of Islam by ISIS, gives Muslims around the world cause to join in the struggle to put down ISIS. It’s so easy to pervert the scriptures, I seen it with my own faith Christianity, but the Christian way of life is based on love and forgiveness. So we don’t load up with armor and chop peoples heads off. We seek diplomacy first and last, unless we are captivated by the military industrial complex where we think defense is invade other countries that we see as a threat.

My Christian faith is my Christianity, and is different from anyone on the planet, but I view God as I see God, and I will die that way too. You see God as you see God, I will not impose my view of God on you, your religion is free from my views of God, but I will share it with you.

We make up video games full of killing and blood thirsts, that we see ourselves as the radicals that we justify fighting. We want to create a bigger monster to fight the monster that we see as a threat.
What is wrong with that picture?


ISIS captures Syrian Air Base with weapons to arm themselves with more advances of conquest. I see it as a dumb move, they create more enemies of ISIS and unify the world for truth. Not the ISIS’ form of the truth, but the real truth, absolute truth not capable of being disproven.(Yahoo needs to serve their NEWS stories through Youtube, I’m forced to display CNN’s story)
 ISIS is best to shut up or it’s own head should be cut off.I’m not threatening someone who doesn’t listen, cause it’s a mute point that falls on deaf ears, but anyone with common sense sees it as a fool looking to unite the world through a caliphate, when a caliphate is another power hungry political system that chops people’s heads off when they don agree with them. What tyranny is this that you profess, it cages Islam in to a cage that you feed. It’s not freedom!

If you want me to believe in your religion, I believe in Islam cause they didn’t deny what Jesus taught, but they killed many Christians during the crusades as well as Muslims, war is a bloody mess where your interpretations of the truth may differ from my interpretations of the truth, and we kill each other over the truth.

We don’t know the whole truth or we would be God, we are only a microscopic part of God, where are views of the truth are different from our perspectives.How could I make this clear so that we are in agreement? We’ll use this illustration, we’ll take the world as a symbol, the earth as a model. What’s the truth in China is not the truth in America cause of cultural differences, but their is a common truth that is for all alive, that we need oxygen. That is the common truth, the absolute truth. The cultural truths are made from your environment, the food you eat, the laws you make, and whatever you see fit to please the people.

Spilling blood is the violence of fools, diplomacy is the talk of heroes.

Wars is what makes you fools with no remorse, wars there’s no victory, it only seeds the fields with more wars to grow. Humanity, I speak to you as a group, I’m talking to myself too, I’m a bit eccentric, wars never brought peace to you, you only seeded for the future more wars. You program your soldiers with war games, making the way for future wars, all the while speaking and preaching peace. You are like a cold blooded hypocrite, making war with the goals of seeking peace. You raise the conflicts in your own soul.

Well I’ve made my rant as I’ve been saying in all my rants, I’m not from this world, or God abandoned me in this world. I know didn’t abandon me in this world, but no one hears God like I do. God talks to everyone everyday, and God is mad, cause you take what God says and try to fill it to your own agendas. God gave us freedom, and you religious zealots are distorting the message. Jesus got it right, and he wanted to die on the cross, so that we would learn the meaning of sacrifice.  I know Muslims don’t believe that Jesus died on the cross, but they teach what Jesus taught, that we should do good and seek God as our most important goal.


Seek God for understanding, and make this a better world.