Studio One 6… is a dud, at least for me, and my workflow.

It’s not very intuitive,
and I’m lost in figuring it out.

There are times I’m swimming in circles, they don’t have an obvious export button to export the masters or the export with all the filters and metadata, other DAWs like Reaper, Vegas, and Acid do… they have their flaws too, but they are the most intuitive to use… at least for me.

Well, except for Reaper, that became too complicated with the menu options, and it was the worst…
I think it was the simple load times that got me, and it was open source too.

The Studio One 6, has a lot of nice features, but if I don’t want to waste my time with jabbering videos that last for 20 min to an hour +. I’m old, and approaching death at lightspeed now, and I don’t have time to waste… I’m not being bitter to the younger, cause I was young once too… so I can relate to your excitement with new things to learn, but my mindset is old and on the way out… and you’ll get old too, one day.

It can be installed on 5 separate PCs or Macs, but not the plugins you use… they’re under separate licenses, so take that into account in your decisions.

They have their subscription service option, with a monthly fee, that everything it is included in, but I want a program only, not a club that I join with a monthly dues/fees. I thought that was on the downfall… subscription services is the downfall, of every digital tech industry corporation.

It’s lifeline services for the body, and I’m not accepting of that, and becoming a part of the collective part of the Borg in a Star Trek episode. Resistance is not Futile, and is alive and well in liberty and freedom.

Which brings the Open Source movement into the picture, and the lack of security of the open source codes, and they’re there for all to access. I’m not a coder, but I take/buy from their fruits, and find worms or bugs, that annoy me in them… and cause I’m not a developer, I can’t have a say in the course, that they are taking.

I‘m a 66 year old anti social fool, living the woods of madness, as a hermit in Montana… communing with God daily, and I’m angry more than not, cause of the world I know can exist, but never can exist in this error filled world, that is very much alive today.

With the proud fighting wars, and stealing at whims, and the power hungry fools have been going on without stop, and are growing stronger towards normalization… which brings me back to digital audio.

When you normalize in digital audio, it evens out the waveform, with a constant gain, so that it gets louder… and it doesn’t clip/distortion. So, it must raise the peak gain to the highest level without clipping, and all the dynamics stay the same, that’s my conclusion of what it does.

I’m just bouncing around in my typing, from DAWs to open DOORS, and going through my mind like ransacking a house… like a burglar does.

I’ve been ripped off continually by hype dealers, they illusion/delusion me, like a magician with quick hands, and sell me something, while distracting me with another assumption, that forms from their words.

I was too quick to say Studio One 6, was a strong DAW, it has a lot of strong features treats, but intuitiveness should be the best feature, and makes it stronger… if you developed a spare parts systems, where you sell the features. I would buy a plugin for the lyrics features. The one design, I was impressed with by Studio One 6.
Simpleness is the most intuitive feature, it’s when you try to satisfy everyone, that is where the complexity is born.

We should separate the codings into separate modules, which is what BlackMagic design did with their Video Editing Resolve program, it’s a node based video editing system, but is resource hog, so it needs a professional PC setup, and there is a free version, but it has a large learning curve…

Where you could design your own audio DAW program, with the features that you use, and choose for your own workflow.

Workflow = Comfortable Environment for the Mind and Body

It’s a new or old idea, but it must’ve not been profitable, cause they’re moving at the speed of a snail.

I would like a reputable company to design a DAW,  that is based like a node based with features, you can choose to build it the way that fits your workflow… like buying a car, the more features you have, the more higher the price.

It’s the complicated fools, that makes everyone suffer, with the fast paced rat race of society.
It’s like having the rabbit, looking over the shoulder of the turtle or snail, trying to learn by reading, and it occupies their minds, and annoys them… cause the rabbit has too much time on his hands, he quick and exasperating to others, that aren’t that quick witted…

But like the diversity of different lifeforms, they’re are specialized with a different purpose, and some go slow, cause a lot is overlooked with speed, and is never understood with quick speed. It gets the job done faster, but sometimes you want to enjoy your journey by going slow. You gather many treasures by going slower, and build your wealth that way too… different strokes for different folks.

I would like to build my own DAW, but I’m not a coder, I have a different mission/purpose to life, but I’m willing to work with you, that is, if you’re telling the truth to me, otherwise you’re just wasting my time, like another conman/thief.

DAWs are mystery to me, it’s a simple design with a complicated history, and it needs to be more simpler in the designs, to be consumed by the public… cause not everyone is a techie, and isn’t on the same level as you the techy… I’m a novice techy, but I only buy professional, cause I’m curious.

Consumers are the old and depreciating in stature and minds, but the young are quicker and innovative.
Like the younger generation is full of ideas, and know what they want, but need organizational skills of a corporation, but quickly get corrupted by their love for profits… it’s a fact, that a corporations needs financial funding to survive, but corruptive vices line the business avenues, and are a distraction to the corporations.

So, there must be self disciplined measures on the board level of corporations, to keep it clean of corruptions… that is no more in effect, except by the ethically minded corporations… and that’s not getting into the merging of corporations, which is like a corrupt snowball rolling down the snow hill getting bigger, until it reaches the bottom of the hill and crashes, or loses momentum, or stops on its own in the flat field.

Corporations are like snowflakes, when they gather together, in they are a snowball, a union of snowflakes, and the merging of corporations is like a cartoon snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger.
Not as fast as the cartoon animations, but sometimes generations of time, lifetimes of times… it’s subtle like the speed of a snail… he’s there, but you look again, and he is inches away from the last time you looked.

I just need a DAW, that works for me…
I would like one made into nodes, that have features, like the options on a car, but deigned by software developers as parts, that would work with DAW programs… and you get to choose the features you want to work with.
Like Steinberg, with the VST plugins it’s a part of designs coming together… to make the world a better place, but viruses of corruption can take a digital form too.

It’s the combining of modules to make a machine work for me, at least, but to my workflow… is all I need is without the hype, that constantly disappoints me.