Centralized Socialism

— Centralized Socialism : Decentralized Social networking sites —


social-media-580301_640Spread out over the whole network called the Internet, social sites coming together, so that all the headaches with the updates, are theirs, and they feel the pains that they’ve been causing the public since they began.

Where social networks work together to iron out the security issues and privacy issues for the public.

It may be creating another stronger centralized system, that spins us around, that we can’t break free from, or we’ll bounce from one spin to another spin, like gears that run a bigger machine.

It’s very complicated, and the info is guarded by very rich people, well rich is just money wise, usually the rich are not wise, but they can buy whoever they want… it’s not true loyalty they buy, because there is no price for true loyalty, when someone pays a bigger price, that false loyalty becomes given to the highest bidder.

True loyalty has no price on it, it is home grown. False loyalty can be bought by those who need a job done, and after the job is done, so is the loyalty.

I skipped the MySpace craze, since it was connected to Rupert Murdoch and we all know about the gossip mags that he built his empire on.

I went with Facebook, so I could look at a friends photos in Paris, and was hooked with a connection to old friends, and FB was passing misinfo about my friends to me, and when I asked the friends, if they invited me to play a game, they said they didn’t… but FB said they did.

With all the liberties they took as a given, with the newsfeeds that were governed by algorithms, and fed you based on the results from that algorithm formula, they can be outright lies, the results that is.

Occasionally they get a result that seems pleasing, and they get a nibble, so it gets classified as true, but it’s an outright lie. Consumerism is the passing of lies as truth, it’s the fishing pond, beware what you bite/buy.

They judge the results by the clicks, and the clicks say that it’s true or false. There are a lot of false clickers out there, and they’re spreading lies, usually the comment trolls. I may be just guessing here, but I strongly suspect that it is true. The social sites have been around in this new millennium, though they’ve been around in the early  80’s, at least from the early days of BBs, just under a different name.

Social networking is good if you like carrying a phone around with you, but it makes you like a zombie, where you stare at the screen all day, though I do that with a laptop all day. It doesn’t make me social, more anti-social, and I was anti-social already before I moved to Montana.

Social sites are for the antisocial to feel like they’re being social, you should turn off your phone and go and be real social, and not plugged into the grid of sociability. Have eye contact instead of screen contact.

You feel the pain, the screens guards against the pain, which makes you safe in your antisocial anonymous behavior. Go and be, social, and guard from the pain in reality and feel your and you neighbors pain, and overcome it, so the pain is no more.

You let the screens guard against the pains, it’s like taking pain pills, but when you overcome the pain, you feel good justly, also not like an addict looking for his/her next fix.