DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study

— DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study —


I saw this documentary called DSKNECTD, and it sent me into space again to get away from the local politics of this nation’s imperfections running for offices of power. I would rather daydream and imagine, then listen to liars and fools.

The fact that social media is here and now, and ain’t going away without a fight.

It connects everyone through some technical drama, rather than a true face to face communication. You can see in the people’s faces, whether they’re lying or not. When you’re communicating through a screen, it takes the realism away. It requires faith to get through this life, and where you’re hurt anonymously with lies and deception.

I welcomed social media, but that welcoming turned to hate. When I saw how many lives it ruined, and the spins that accompanied it, is another subject entirely.




It’s relating it to the scientific facts, and they cloud the clarity of the facts.

Reason is too much, it’s like a drunkenness of reason. Talk of reason with scientific facts gives you the delusions of clarity, when in fact you are no more than just a disillusioned fool. The reason makes you think that you’re enlightened, but you’re just disillusioned.

Reason is good for the sober minded, but a drunken poison for the pridefully minded.

It has been what I learned in dealing with pride and clarity with reason.

It’s good when I’m blinded with pride, and the clarity is restored, when I swallow my pride, and I humble myself. Reason restores my sight, but there are other times when I’m too proud to hear reason, cause it doesn’t answer my selfish questions.


Multitasking is one aspect of social makeup

Multitasking is one aspect that has snowballed and evolved to a prideful extreme. It distorts the clarity when it’s taken to extremes. Also, it distracts, rather than focuses on one subject. It requires more focus than the multitasking delivers. It makes you feel good, if multitasking is all you hope to achieve.

Multitasking is good because it’s a focused attention on all things, but it’s bad when you’re determined to have attention deficit disorder.

Any disorder is bad, it’s complicated, and is a disorder to anyone who’s out of the disordered mess.

Looking in to the disordered mess is someone full of judgment, and wrong.

The person that’s disorganized and in that mess, knows what and where it is, it just takes time to look for it. They know it’s a mess, your judgments only make it more of a mess. Also, the misjudgements of the disorganized too, when they misplace something, and can’t find it.

Technology is a mess, and is making us messes everyday.





I‘m not too socially interactive DSKNECTD here in Montana, and I find I don’t want to be anymore. With age creeping up on me, I find myself like a turtle retreating into the darkness of his shell. The light is when I come out of the shell, but what I see in the light, makes me want to return to the safety of darkness. It’s depressing, to say the least.


I searched Youtube for DSKNECTD, and came up with two DSKNECTD documentaries. One was produced in 2013, the one I’ve posted this for was made in 2014. Here is the piece from 2013 and is called Disconnected.




We have a lot to learn and connect with each other. The sense of the social networks of today are the first steps of mankind, much like the child’s home videos of their own first steps. We have a lot to learn, but the quick condemnations that go on with the social networks of today, is us just trying to keep our balance for the next step.

We deal with the simple minded, and the complexical minded too. It’s our first steps along the paths to heaven and to hell. We choose the way, and it’s our choices that will bear our consequences. Heaven or hell, we live in heaven now, and we turn it into hell with wars, politics, corruptions, etc..

It’s all up to you.


Separated Notations

I just sat through Hillary’s speech at the DNC 2016, and she is a silver tongued individual that denies the accountability that entails power. She believes in “Science“, like the weird science experiments in 80’s movies. You don’t want to corner that bitch into a corner, she has a village behind her.

Trump is another one that needs the warnings…well this is a close on all the conventions that went on for the last two weeks. Thank God, they are finally over. Now we have to feel disconnected from this, rather than social media madness that goes on after the fact.

Pointless debates, and the silliness of the words or the meanness of the words, it’s all pointless.

I tried to escape the politics… but it’s still there. You hear that change is coming, but it’s still the same, only slightly distorted than it was before.

You ever wonder the more closer to a subject you are, like putting your hand up to your face. All the fingerprints, and skin cells seem like a wall. The further you back away from your hand, you see the whole body, and it’s connectedness to the whole body. Well go further out into space, and see the one world sphere, which are many nations warring with each other.

It’s something to think about. One world, one divine body, where we are all connected to each other… like cells on the back of your hand.


“The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth.”  G.C. Lichtenberg