Drone Registration = Feeding the Dragon

— Drone Registration = Feeding the Dragon —

drone registration




Every 3 years you must feed the dragons, or you will not be allowed to fly your drone.

Q. Is there a registration renewal requirement for UAS, like there is for manned aircraft?
A. Yes. You will be required to renew every three years and you must pay a $5 renewal fee.


I knew there’d be a catch to the registration fee debacle, a steady stream of finances for the govt.


I like the registration being applied to all the drones you have, instead of registering each one.

Q. If I own multiple drones, do I have to register them all?
A. No. You may register once and apply the same registration number to all your UAS.

They got rid of the FAQs page, the link above goes to the registration page, I’m guessing, they do it the same.

I was thinking of getting a drone for some time now, but the battery requirements, and the range of the drones were weak at best. There has been improvements from the initial funding of the lame ducks, but I rode that bandwagon with the PCs in the 80’s and 90’s. What I paid $15,000 now can be bought for $150 with a cheap sound card and open source software.


The dragons are the corporations, mainly the Govt became a corporation, when it married the business queens and kings. When they made Washington D.C. the capital, and made it into a corporation in 1871, but was repealed in 1874… though many were formed over the years, with other corporations marrying the govt.

The FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Corporation for National and Community,  and Legal Services Corporation. … Etc etc. There are many more.

Drones are only the feeding grounds for hungry dragons. Dragons aren’t our worst nightmares, it’s the fires they start, that are.

So remember drone registration is the first spark that will form the wildfires, they say it’s a controlled burn, but even Smokey the Bear says “even controlled burns still destroy the forests“.