Iraq’s Dealing PM Cards

— Iraq’s Dealing the PM Cards aren’t Over —


iraqIraq is quickly changing the PM’s with the corruptions at the core. I wonder when the next change of hands, we will discover the new corruptions in the surrounding hands. It’s all a card game all over the world. We are setting up a new card game here in America, with a new elections in 2016.

I was watching Frontline tonight on TV, and eventually it will be on youtube, and it was doing a piece on Iraq. It was discussing the ex PM Maliki, and his influence on the fight with daesh, which was judged inept, also by the Iraqi people’s opinion too. They wanted to put him on trial, and from what I hear, he left and went to Iran.

He made enemies with the Sunni populations, and favored the Shia populations, but the political corruptions were Maliki’s legends. Hopefully PM Haider al-Abadi will leave a better form of Govt, but what I saw of his inaugural speech at the World Economic Forum, left me with needing more fight to weed out the corruptions in his thinking.


I pray the U.S. people will climb out of this mess that the Bush presidency got us into, and the Iraqi people will finally be free to form their Govt, the way they want to form their Govt, without our influence.

Trump is in fact disgracing the American public, and if he is made president, I fear his ego, not for mine sake, but the American’s people’s sake. He is worse than a terrorist. His damage would be a long one. It would be worse than any terrorist’s bombs.

Let’s hope the American card games, and the Middle East card games, in fact the whole world’s card games in fact bring peace, rather than bring wars to feed the dragons/corporations of wars and defense.

I’ll wait in silence… and only hear the clicks of keyboard.