Digital Realities and Real Realities

— Digital Realities and Real Realities —


The Digital life and the Real life, are at odds against the other. The digital world is a cyber existence to be manipulated to form the being into what you want to be, but the real life you, might be falling short of what you aspire to be. So that the digital existence of Tomidjah, might hover high above the fleshly form of Tomidjah.

It’s my higher self leading me, I guess that is what is.

What you aspire to be, while you’re struggling to attain that position in life, failing at every turn, but you keep on going, like the energizer bunny, you feel your strength being drained at every failure… but you keep on going.

You aspire to be more than what you are, and every attempt is a failure, well you can look at it, as it’s not the way, and there must be another way around the failure/canyon, or you can build a bridge across the gap of confusion.

You see your sights, but you also see the gap between you and your understanding, it’s in closing the distance between you and your understanding, that brings success.


You want free energy, but the energy companies has a price for their energy, which is fair for them, but charging an outrageous price is not fair.

To pay their employees a fair wage, and donate to research and development for new energy sources is fair too. Digital resources in the the energy companies is a new phenomenon, it’s a virtual plan that can succeed or miserably fail, but because it’s digital, it’s only virtual failures, rather than rolling blackouts.

Electrical knowledge is not my forte, I’ve blown many fuses/circuit breakers, but I want to learn.


So lets change direction, comparing digital manipulations with imagery, and the real imagery of before the manipulations, like with all of the magazine covers of today are. The graphic artist is in charge of the magazine covers, that manipulates the model’s bodies, and faces, to please the viewer.

Thus creating a new pleasing norm, a portly blemished model is made to be skinny and unblemished with digital manipulations.

One is pleasing, and one is struggling to be pleasing to the eye.

One, what everyone aspires to be, and one so real and imperfect, and seeking perfection.

The human face is the most recognizable imperfection that we face, this is the process of digital manipulations of the face, it’s almost unrecognizable, and it ends with digital recreations of the whole body. You know today everything is green screened in TV shows and movies with digital imagery of places, some real and some not.




Aspirations, what one hopes to be, or desires to be. Aspirations will someday be digitized too, and be able to be digitally manipulated, to be more pleasing or more desirous. When life gets more confusing, than it is now.

I’ll probably be blessed with Alzheimer’s or dementia by then… otherwise I’ll go crazy with sanity.