News, News, and more Bad News

— News, News, and more Bad News —



News is displayed in the media with an agenda, which would make it propaganda to manipulate the public. The hidden agendas that we’ll never know, and if we did know them, would we approve of them?

We hear the Ukrainian, Syrian, Yemeni, EU, US, etc. troubles, and no solutions, it requires a heated debate to resolve the issues, and hopefully we’re pacified like a crying baby, without picking up the weapons of war to fight with each other.

The world is like a baby, it may be an extreme view, but it’s the view of the noise off of the planet to the aliens.

No one likes a baby crying, you can’t pacify the noise in your ears. You can shut off the TV, and go on with your life, but that doesn’t resolve the issues that grow like weeds.

We need to squirt it with a weed killer, NOT!

Monsanto is in charge of the food supply, what’s wrong with this picture?

They look to change our genetic makeup to satisfy their pockets while they steal our food, and try to patent it… they forgot, they received it as a gift.

Monsanto and other companies going after a monopoly of nutrition that we the public are unaware of, and can’t fight it… cause they wear the phony halo, that it’s for our own good.

I liked corn and soy the old way, before you raped them and claimed them as your personal slaves, with a price on their heads.

I’m going off on a rant here, against the food company monopolies… it’s weird that a pesticide company is in charge of the food regulations, don’t ya think?

I know that point has been brought up before, but it’s true.

Agent Orange killed off the vegetation in Vietnam, as well as the veterans that fought over there. Destruction is the path of Monsantonites.

Stick a bottle in the mouth of the world, cause it needs to be pacified, not crucified, crucifying only leads to more crucifying, and the chopping off of heads. Violence only leads to more violence. It supplies the scavengers and the vultures with a day job, but it makes for a very ugly world. They can act civilized and eat properly respecting everyone’s wishes, and in turn reap the rewards of a beneficial life.

At least that’s my hope.