World : A look 24 years back

World : a letter from 24 years ago

world-map-297315_640I found a piece I wrote 24 years ago to the world. It’s a bit comical, but I feel the same way tonight. The first Iraq war was going on in 1990, and I was against that war too.

I feel almost the exact same way, with Syria and ISIS, and now Gaza and Israel…when it rains it pours. It’s a poor attempt at humor and alleviating some of my pain. I’m a weak sniveling innocent lamb, but when I get mad I’m an angry lion…so in the words of the Hulk, well Bruce Banner saying “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry,”.
I don’t want to go into a rage, so I write things to stop that.

But I figured I’d share it with you:

September 14th, 1990

Dear World,

I have lived in you for almost 33 years, and I have discovered this of us. We try to live, with so many diverse influences, that cause us to see different conclusions.

You believe war becomes peace, but a seed that dies is always reborn in Spring, and if it has roots that catch, well then, we always have more seeds.

Why do we harvest a world of pain?

The same I see with this economical garden. You raise children to be slaves to the abusers of the state. I know this might be touchy ground, but I wanted to mention it to you before I move on, and not be able to give you some advice, since every Tom, Dick, and Harry is throwing in their 2 cents.

I wonder why wisdom can be so lost in its objectivity.

I’m sorry if that last line is too ambiguous, but I was taught that anything could be understood, if there was a hunger for it.

You think to educate, but in your haste you neglect your own education, and show false examples to those you educate.
Society is full of those who refuse the duty of their own education, for many circumstantial reasons, but the key to a strong educational structure is to have common foundation. That is, if your laws of physics are true in anyway.

I’m not too sure whether I truly know if they are, because there are certain limitations to our rate our progress, just as there are limitations to a rockets rate of ascent.

We judge each other, as if we understand all about each other, but all I see and hear is not enough for me to ever really know anyone, enough to judge someone else. It is true I have the ability to discern between right and wrong, just as we all are capable.

We look to enforce that insight as a law, yet because we look to enforce instead of believe, we show no examples. A world full of preachers, politicians, revolutionaries, etc. each declaring they know the way, each announcing they are the truth, and we must choose a walk or way of life that treads the same ground as one of those influences.

The populations are oriented only to their physical self, and they have forgotten the spiritual realm of education. People are manipulated by their emotional ignorance, and the children are fed the same education.

I know you might think this is too controversial to discuss in detail, and I don’t want to cause confusion where understanding is needed, but sometimes an individual is compelled to speak what he believes is the truth.

And I think the children deserve more than the lies I received as a child.

My hopes were based on what examples I was shown and then taught to choose from them, but my heart did not want to work to serve an addiction to money, instead I thought an addiction to drugs was better, and found it was just as empty and spiritually destructive.

Do you wish to enslave us to the whims of dictators, to be tortured by terrorists who speak of righteousness and bring destructions, while they wear their sheepskins and baa baaing, calling so many to slaughter to feed the fire of destruction; while the capitalist’s battle only for a profit, and the source of that profit being the ignorant or innocent being fed into the fire.

They say “power corrupts” or maybe it is “the corruptible take power while incorruptible are enslaved.”

We use cliches like they were credit cards to buy us time from understanding. We use our ignorance as a shelter from the weather of responsibility.

It’s funny, I’m watching Nightline tonight, while watching and attending this instrument they call the T.V., Ted Koppel talks with others over the conflict between us, you, and Iraq.

They talk and talk, like everywhere else I’ve been, but the answers are made in to questions. The fruit are bitter and small. I wonder if I’ll ever know its pleasure or its addiction.

The question of Iraq is a question of ourselves. A man as guilty as ourselves throughout some period of our histories, such as England and France, England and Spain, Americans and the native Indians, or Mexico and the USA.

You can see they don’t see that we inhabit the same place in you, So Dear World, I hope you can overcome this blindness problem you have. No sarcasm intended.
I really would like to know that some people can discern from the truth and lies or deceptive techniques, and bring more of the truth into the world.

I truly believe in God, the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The God of every living thing is hoping for you to overcome that problem too.

But that decision must be yours. They also say faith without works is dead, so just talking about peace and preparing for war shows nothing, and history repeats itself again. Thus another seed is planted to grow while they try and produce a savior, and few find that the savior is the Spirit of God, and that true freedom is knowing the truth.

It was written long ago, that it shall not be by power, or might, but by the Spirit of God, not by wealth or works, but by the Spirit of God.

You have many children. I am one of them, but as us, you are also the creation of God, and worthy of God’s blessings, so I hope we can help you out with this wear and tear that the overly proud seem to burden you with.

For the new children, not much has changed in the way of hope, and I hope that this lack of fuel for faith does not grow any weaker, but the proud are talking louder and their hopes are stolen with harsh words and covered hidden with hardened hearts.

I know you have to pay for all this. God has made you generous and prosperous, and we your seeds, are thieves to the young like weeds in a garden. I just want you to know I was pulled out and replanted, and still bear the signs of traumatic experience from the adjusting to new ground. Sitting and watching the things that occur in you, while I’m looking over the horizon my sign of fruit bearing.

My seed was small, but it was a vine that covers the world.

Since your address is not covered by the postal system, I thought maybe someday you would be looking through a newspaper, and I could reach you with this letter, if I asked a newspaper to print it.

I hope they will, because I really do hope that they hear your moaning from the pains they’ve caused with their spiked heels, child like war games, and blood letting cures from some medieval book, but on a political scale.

I hope someday to see you in good health and feeling at your best. Undoubtedly it would make me feel good too, but the point is you are our responsibility and we should not be more of a burden to you, than you are to us. Yes or No?

Well my friend, I wish you were able to talk, but we seem to talk for you. Only God knows why! I’ll wait for the day ahead with hope for a better time for you.

Saddam is pushing his anger, George is getting prouder, and Maggie is nagging in the background. Everyone is talking, but no one is really listening. They hear only what they want to hear, because righteousness wants to make a buck or so they believe.
I’m sorry I can’t do no more than to object or condone an action that takes place, but you are a big place to be, and I wish I could do more. The stress would probably make me as crazy with anger and frustration as the leaders that already try to do more.

Well, I didn’t mean to make this a depressing letter, but sometimes it grows quite rapidly in you and it is hard to avoid. I bid you the best of blessings and wait for your recovery! Get Well Soon!

Please know you are loved by most of us. Some say we don’t realize what we’ll miss until its gone. I hope we don’t have to find that out about you.

                                                                                                                                                                 With Love


This was a good time typing this up, No it wasn’t, but I keep telling myself that.

Now I want to talk about the current situation in Palestine’s Gaza Strip with the killing of the 4 children playing on the beach, and a F-16 riddling with strikes the 3 children running away from the initial blast that killed instantly the 4th boy.

Why did he return and kill the 3 boys, he didn’t know they were kids and not combatants?

I’m at the end of my rope/life, and on the other side of the world… I have friends in the middle east, and when I hear the people talking like they are fools, it rips at my heart, cause I know their culture and is everything but foolish.
When I compare the US culture to them with crime, and radicals, we call it criminal, they call it religious intolerance, instead of crime. I call both cultures foolish, one culture is no less than any other culture on this planet. We use different terminologies for the same thing, our imperfections.

The culture is our interpretation so we understand the world, we make up the many languages and idealistic relations between words and their meanings. Terminologies are the key to understanding the principles, that define our understanding of a complex world.

I’d rather have the passion of the middle eastern culture, it doesn’t respect the truth like I see it, but they have that right that everyone should have, the freedom to live it the way they see fit, without interruptions from the IDF or Hamas with their political gibberish.

There I ran out of steam, I feel worse.