Deniability and Layers

— Deniability and Layers —

waterfall-540998_640 I don’t know where to start, cause this is a tricky deep subject. It will confuse me and you. If I get confused, excuse me and yourself, and wipe the confusion away out of your conscious mind.

Cognitive abilities get confused, and the cognitive abilities sway from sharp and aware, to confused and hazy. Save yourself from the haziness of convictions. I will try to be very precise without boringness.

It’s a deep subject and I learn, as I’m typing, cause I surrender to the spirit that looks over mankind, in all of the Spirit’s glory.

The layers are the layers to the elite, the deniability is the fog or smoke that the elite lay down to keep their secrecy. If you accuse the politician then he denies it, as would be expected, but the accusation is misplaced. The politician is a puppet of the bankers those who control the money, but the bankers are puppets in control of the ideological makers, then we cross into the psy-ops field, which becomes an invisible and virtual warfare.

There has been an invisible war going on for centuries, if not millenniums, the people are unaware of these things. Weapons that they can’t even imagine, so they’re oblivious to its use against them. The ideas of men being used against them, you don’t see it, so it becomes a subtle weapon, but more deadly than a gun. It attacks your soul, rather than just your body.

Deniability is a smoke screen covering the tracks of those you’ve uncovered, and you seek to where they go, but if you’re not persistent in your questioning, it will get boring to the audience.

Mankind likes to be entertained, and his attention is distracted by the new news, and the deniability is the smoke that brings in the new distraction.

I need to digest the points I brought up here, so I can understand them better for the future.

But we’ve been at war for eons of time, the weapons seem so subtle as a word, but as dangerous as a sword or gun to the body. Their weapons enslave us in debt and ideologies. Anyone who doesn’t believe in ideologies enslave us, I’ve got a religion for you to believe in, which is another ideology.

Religion can be good and beneficial to the believer, that’s the true religion, but many religions can be detrimental to the believer, cause it is false and taking from the believer. It gives nothing, but burdens.

Christianity,Islam,Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., they all have sects that try and persuade the believer, that they’re the one true religion, the only thing that the religion’s truth, is it’s relationship with God. The sincerity of that relationship with God, is the religion’s truthfulness.

All others is mankind’s ego being stroked to the point of madness in narcissism’s revelations of his own glory.

Prov 25:27 “It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory.”

I’ll close on that note, but beware that not just guns kill, your ideologies kill even more people than you can number.