It seems they could kick my ass

— It seems they could kick my ass —


kidnapping-474027_640I was going to write a research essay on cancer, but I came on here and my site was all hacked up… the text plugins were all over the screens, I ended up deleting a lot of plugins, and I got errors on deleting plugins, I think they’re the culprits…but I got errors from the files functions.PHP when I deleted them.

It’s war…at this time…he recruited a bunch of recruits… I’m coming for you

Not in the flesh, but in the realm that you don’t see.

I’ll play your game, but I attack your principles and you don’t know about integrity, like I don’t know about programming.

Programming is a constant change of terminologies, once you’ve mastered the changes, there is not much left to it, but experimenting, unless you want to learn another language.

How does it feel playing a role, instead of being yourself?

I’m myself, and I don’t fear your games or your weapons, in fact I greet death at my door, and invite him in, cause after meeting death, I’m free from all of your lies and wars.

I hope you like kicking my ass.

Cause I will be your future, and how you treat me, will be the way I treat you… it’s called Karma, you reap what you sow.

It’s the law of the universe, the universal police is a nightmare to wait for, but when they arrest you, it’s over.

I can wait forever it seems.

While all the people sit back silently and watch this battle… it’s like a kid kicking a can down the street…you say why kick the can, when you can pick it up and put it into the trash,rubbish,garbage can.

Put the can in the can, and I don’t have to report you to ICANN… which is another waste of cans.

So don’t kick me down the street, I have rights, and you claim the rights that they shouldn’t change your internet, yes, I agree.

You shouldn’t change my rights. Cause you don’t agree with me, you shouldn’t stop me, it’s called censorship.

You don’t want to be censored yourself, Do you?

So lets stop this battle in peace, or it will get dirty… I also deleted themes… I’ll try more deletes tomorrow, to clean up this mess you made.