Democratic Debates Fiasco

— Democratic Debates Fiasco —


I watched the Democratic debates, which was a fiasco, they took a series of ribs at the bigoted Trump on the Republican side. I’m getting a really low score on the Flesch Reading Ease test in my Yoast SEO scores, they must all be Democrats. Here is part 2 of a long debate:

I’ve seen the most of inadequate people, speaking of inadequacy of the U.S. policies. They are avoiding the accountability principle, like moving targets on the shooting gallery pipeline. When they agree to take the shots when they’re wrong, instead of the defensive rhetorical speeches.

They don’t own up to the bureaucratic processes that they participated in creating, and they go on and talk of creating more laws to mount on the back of the people to limit our freedoms, to protect us.

I haven’t seen a candidate that seems to be a blessing to the future of our country, they are still figuring out themselves and their egos. They don’t talk about their egos and assessing their own personal battles, and how they overcame their own personal battles, and how that applies to their leadership of this country.

Trump is talking about his image, and magnifying himself above the country, and he’s supposed to lead. It’s a show for the public’s entertainment.


I looked through a lot of videos on youtube to see the informed among the US public, which is nobody on the history of this country.

I think all laws are for the blind and dumb to make an organized governmental control of the masses, I know we need laws and rules to be civilized society, but I like a wild freedom.

That’s where freedoms thrive, and also chaos thrives too. So there is a balance from a totally restrictive set of laws, and a total freedom, and that’s my interpretation of heaven. A perfect balance between control and freedom, where harmony is in control and rules our freedoms.

I just wish the debates would stop trying to make me believe in them, it only depresses me.