Goodbye Petrodollar RIP

— Goodbye Petrodollar RIP : 2016, or at least predicted to die —

02/07/2016 by Tomidjah

We Are Change


I learned of the petrodollar as the reason of the invasions of Iraq and Libya. I don’t know when I learned of it, I’m guessing before my stroke in 2004. I learned a lot more of it going through all the reasons of war. It’s been behind all the wars in history.

The greed and covertness is the coward’s tool, well that time is over.

The light has come to the world, and it brings judgment, sometimes radical and extreme, but someone rational will put in his/her 2 cents, and balance the extremes on a reason based fulcrum.

The West is under judgment by the BRICS alliance of countries, almost half the world’s population. They were formed in 2001 by Jim O’Neill on a Goldman Sachs paper. They’ve been growing in alliances ever since, I remember reading they tried and create their own internet, when the NSA debacle occurred with Snowden.


It’s as an extreme move as the petrodollar, and doesn’t solve anything. The changes need to be inside of the souls of the world, not externally. It’s true, you have to start somewhere, but inside is where you have to start, or the changes you make in the external world will be of null effect.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”
Albert Einstein


I‘ve been marveled and confused by the world’s progression through their problems, and I feel small all the time, and powerless to do anything to bring solutions, cause their problems are mine too. At least the media says so, no matter what global media I listen too.

If I was a dictator, but I’m not, then I would’ve been a good boss, which I wasn’t. I’m a loser by the standards of this world, where wealth is kingly and powerful. I seek not power or wealth, which makes me a loser.


I seek the treasures inside, wisdom, love, faith, etc.. I look for the needy and those in despair, but there is too much in the world for me to have any effect.

I’m needy and in despair too, but I have a large chunk of pride to keep me sane and in control, but I went past a hitchhiker with a sign of going to Kalispell, and I wondered why I didn’t stop, it was because I rushed with the turn on the 2 lane express highway towards Kalispell, and there were cars behind me that I pulled in front of, and if I stopped it would be inconvenient for me and the people behind me, so I prayed God would give him a ride.

Without getting lost in my narcissistic dribble, I wanted to point out, I’m as hopeless as the world’s problems.

I sought God to take care of my problems, instead of stopping, and giving him a ride to Kalispell. I had the solutions, but it was inconvenient to enact them. I hate myself more than others hate me.


I could go through all the bad that the petrodollar has brought into the world, but that would not solve the problem of the petrodollar, slinging blame, cause that is the problem of the petrodollar. When someone seeks to pay in another currency, it’s taking away the power where it once was, and they feel fear, and they recognize it as terrorist act.

Fear is that awful in it’s dealings with the populations of the world.

I’m not socialistic, it’s been the road to dictatorship, but so has capitalism been the road to dictatorships. It’s the bad forms of govt tainted by our vices, giving them a dark halo. I see every party or form of govt, though tainted by our imperfections, it’s included in the world’s body, and has merit, no matter how small that merit is.


We have to grow together towards the solutions, and be willing to hear our brothers and sisters around the world without judgment. It’s the only solution I see, and I judge others as blind who don’t see it that way. So I judge myself as hypocrite in the same sentence, cause I judge in the while preaching don’t judge, but you get my point.

We have to judge ourselves first, before we speak. We need to look at others without judgment, and try to understand their points and words. We are allowed to judge principals and powers, and hopefully they won’t jail you.

They say the root of all evil is the love of money, that leads to corruptions, and errors in judgments. So the petrodollar is a sign of that evil bearing commodity, and should be put to rest, along with the other’s that seek to replace that power with their currency.

If you replace the evil power with another evil power, you don’t solve anything.

Think of what Einstein said… really think about it, without the same mindset that created it… and find the solution.